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Earlier today I posted about the strange things that happened here at home. The TV all of a sudden going very loud. The opening and closing of the front door when no one was there.

Late this afternoon, a nephew of mine came over for a bit. When he got ready to leave, the same door opened and closed again. He jumped back. I explained what happened earlier and he hiked it out of here very quickly.

I have had now three experiences today. Al is unaware of any of these, the same as I am unaware of his chats with our Mom in heaven. The only way I know about them is when I caught him talking to her earlier today or if he volunteers information.

I have had several comments stating that this is not abnormal as Al reaches heaven’s door. In fact, some of you have told me of your own personal experiences. Some think it is impossible for this to happen and yet others think I am a nut case.

I have never read another post on WP that expresses any of this topic.

I am new to this. I have taken care of my Father up until he died in my arms, but nothing unusual happened that I saw or he talked about. The only thing I noticed was that the dog would not leave his side in the last week of  his life.

If anyone would be willing to share an experience I would love to read it. I am not trying to pry into your life or even bring up sad memories. I am trying to understand, to be able to converse with Al on a better level.

No pressure at all from me. Just an invitation to share if you would like.

I think heaven has to be beautiful. I think it would be fantastic to know my parents are here and protecting or watching out over me as they are doing for Al. I think it would be awesome to walk to heaven holding a loved one’s hand. In some little way it is taking the fear out of my own death.book4spirit world

36 thoughts on “Would You Like to Share?

  1. My grandmother had an experience. When my grandfather died she had touched his hand and was upset because his hand was so cold. It really bothered her and added to her grief. About a week later she was sitting at the kitchen table. She dozed a little and suddenly her husband was standing near her. He reached out his hand to her and she took it. His hand was warm. He smiled at her and disappeared. After that she felt much better. She was touched that he came to take away the bad memory and replace it with a sweet one.


    • that is beautiful. I made the terrible mistake of touching my dad’s hand while he was in the casket. I was shocked at how cold and hard he was. From that moment I didn’t think my dad was there with me. It was a stranger. I wish I would never have done that. I still live with that last terrible memory instead of the warmth of his hand while I held it when he passed


  2. My daughter visited me shortly after her death as I sat at my computer pouring out my grief I felt her presence and then her long fingers touch my cheek she gave me this message “Momma don’t cry so hard I didn’t want to go but I am okay and all will come out in the end, it is beautiful here, I am with Jesus and I am okay momma, I love you” she has visited a few other times but never spoke to me again. Her visits are fewer now as I fall apart with missing her I think she knows this and to give me relief has quit coming to visit. I miss her so much and continue to grieve but some days are better than others but not many.


  3. Terry, you are not crazy and the house isn’t haunted. *hugs* things are happening because al is getting ready to go to heaven. I would not be scared. Just make sure al knows you love him and tell him its okay to go. He is more than likely waiting for you to tell him.


  4. I had when I was about 5 /6 in my bedroom a little boy standing in the corner of my bedroom, staring at me, never spoke but was just looking at me lying in my little bed. I was never scared at my age, and have never found out if he related to anything in the past of the house. He was there all night and disappeared early morning and was never seen again.


  5. My sister had bronchitis when she was a baby, and all through one night, she was so close to death that the doctors didn’t think she would make it. When They went to see her the following day, she said it was because the “man talked to her all night”. A few months later, when the photo album was out, she pointed out the man who had talked to her. It was our grandfather who had died of TB just after the second world war.

    My cousin was on a Loch in Scotland in 1997 and his oars broke. He was the only one there, and being Scotland, drops to below freezing over night. When he was rescued the following day, he said that his nan had been with him in the boat. We both went to her funeral in 1988.


    • wow Alastair. this is amazing. It would have made me a believer that loved ones are here when they are needed. It separates the fact that spirits just float around for no reason. it seems they come when they know we need them. thank you for sharing


  6. Terry: We are not supposed to talk to dead spirits. The devil is a deceiver. Once we get close to Jesus, such hallucinations would pass and the devils would flee away too.

    God bless you


  7. My mother was ill for about 4 months before she died, she had kidney failure. About a month before she passed away she kept telling us she talked with my dad, we all listened and allowed her to talk to us of him, (dad died 7 yrs earlier) this went on for a few weeks and at one visit before I left to go home, she asked me when Billy would get there, I thought she was talking about my nephew who was named after my brother, my brother was killed a few months after my dad died, anyway…I told her that my sister would bring Billy to her soon, she looked at me and said, “no, not my grandson but your brother, he said he would be back soon” then she looked passed me and said oh there he is now and I turned around expecting to see him because she was so convincing. She died shortly after that and the nurse who was with me said she calm and just closed her eyes. I think my dad and brother came to get her. Another point to this story, after my brother and dad died I would have these dreams of me going to visit them,most often is was just my dad but many times my brother was there and we would talk about what is going on in my life, how mom was doing…etc… after mom died I had never had those dreams again. I truly believe she is reunited with them and that they came to take her Home. My grief for Tom is still fresh, but often I know he is with me. I firmly beleive that God is love and He created love – although death may separate us from the flesh, the love God created and blessed us with will always be keep us connected to our loved ones. Does that make sense? I can go on with stories my son was telling me too. May you find comfort and strength in the weeks ahead in knowing that you are not alone in this.


      • God is amazing at how He puts us together to minister to each other. We are blessed to have such an awesome God. I know I have not been on line much but my prayers are always with you and Al.


  8. Terry dear, all I can say is that I’ve had similar experiences, that I’ve seen my grandma and sister open the door as they’ve left this sphere ~ and have had friends visit me and, my gpa has sat at the edge of my bed. Remember the quote I recently shared with you. Our loved ones aren’t far from us– welcome them, embracing all these testimonies ! Hugs Debbie


    • I understand and am not as afraid. Al’s baby monitor has been very active all day, with Al not even here. Rhino our cat went to Al’s room when Al got done with supper and has remained there even up to now


  9. i did write a post about this. even now i get these dreams which are so much more than dreams. it is always someone who has passed and they talk to me about what is coming. they comfort me. my husband has shared some strange happenings and tells me the cats are spooked. he doesn’t know what to believe. several people shared with me how their loved ones experienced the same thing. you know what you are seeing and hearing. don’t let others talk you into dismissing this phenom. embrace them as you did in life (their life)


    • I will definitely take your advice. I find that although it is Al and not me that talks to Mom, it some how comforts me knowing she is with us both. Thanks so much for a great comment


  10. About a week before my dad died, he said he saw his father waiting for him, beckoning him. He was NOT sleeping. The morning he died, the nurse had just finished his bath and so on. Dad looked at her, smiled, and said, “You won’t have to do this for me again. Thank you.” Two hours later when the nurse went to check on him, he was gone. Very quietly, peacefully. Looked as if he simply closed his eyes and died.


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