I Touched My Memories

Yesterday God helped me have help here at home. I wanted to go to a very special auction. An auction that held many memories for me. Years gone by.

When I first walked up to the items listed tears came in my eyes as I missed the dear loved ones who have now passed on.

I was able to go and look over everything. Al was safe with a very nice lady. I had a really good time and although I will never be this close to the property again, I burned everything I saw and did into my memory box. I will miss you both. You were wonderful people.

Here are photos of what I was able to bring home, enjoy and touch when ever I wish.platesvasecandle holderauction bed warmercarnival glassauction blue vaseauction cookbooksauction dishesauction pinsauction silver wareauction stoolauction watch

30 thoughts on “I Touched My Memories

  1. I envy those plates, jars, recipe books, kitchen utensils, etc. They are so nice to have in the home. It made me long for the first two recipe books I bought my wife about two decades ago. I couldn’t find them anymore. When I go to my favorite bookstore I shall buy one or two, I swear.


  2. i just love that we have in common some of those “old fashion” qualities. It’s the little things like those trinkets you acquired that keep memories alive and passion in the heart. I’m glad you got to go enjoy a little leisure time away from the house Terry. Wish I were there to tag along!!!


  3. They’re lovely, Terry. I had the same plate with roses :)…and I still have treasures of my dear ones in the attic. I still use an old watering-can of my grandma’s sister. She gave it to me when I was 17 years and at first living on my own. At that time it already was old and now add 37 years. I always smile when I water the plants 🙂


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