Full Circle

When I was a kid

Catching grasshoppers

During recess was cool

Running after balls

Playing hop scotch

Dressing up in costumes

Making friends

Wereclock delights in life

My first date

The first kiss

Falling in love

Tears from break-ups

Saying I do

Kissing my new baby

Crying their first day of school

Seeing them repeat my own times

Having fun learning about life

Hearing their vows

Of saying I do

Makes me realize

Life is full circle

And I was a

The one

Who made

It all happen.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


15 thoughts on “Full Circle

  1. sounds pretty wonderful when you really think about it 🙂 Life with all it’s ups and downs but you can’t beat the good times they are what builds the happiness and memories of our hearts isn’t it? Love and hugs to you and Al today (((xx)))


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