Daily Prompt; Luxurious

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What’s the one luxury you can’t live without?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us LUXURY.

There are so many luxuries in the world. I can think of some right off the top of my head.diamonds Diamonds,car show 10 nice cars,cinema owning a business,gold frame pic antiques,castle travels,Log cabin on a snow covered landscape, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA and vacations.

But then I had to break it down even farther. Now I am thinking luxury that I can’t live without.

What is it that you can’t live without? What about me? What can I live a full life without having in my life?

I keep coming back to the same things over and over.

I need beating heartmy heart and soul so that I may be able to interact with others. I need 101_0765101_0719-2my children in my life, so that I can watch them experience some of what  I have.

I need walk on trees skya sense of peace surrounding me so that I not only feel safe but can think.

But most of all, I need satanGod taking care of me. Protecting me from evil in this world. I need God to give me strength and patience, love and tenderness, compassion and rest so I can continue my care of my brother, Al.dscf4206book4

19 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; Luxurious

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  2. Well said, what are diamonds worth when you don’t have health, strength etc. There are so many more precious things like real friendship, love which are priceless and far more worth than any other expensive objects. We can count ourselves rich with these Terry!


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  10. What a lovely family, Terry! And what wonderful pictures in this post! That’s a tough question to answer, since it’s hard these days of modern niceties to tell sometimes without thinking hard what are luxuries and what are basic necessities. The things you listed are so right-on!


    • thanks Becky. I think they are lovely also, but again I am partial! LOL. We are a world of want, want and more want, as you can see by my latest post. Although that post was done more as a day dream and fun post. When it comes down to it I still know what is important to me, even during the technology era we live in


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