Is Life Really So Simple?

A blogger friend gave me some verses to read. I opened my The Message Bible to the right book. I started reading the intro and then turned to the first page.  I know I haven’t made it to the verses yet. I wanted to see what this book was about according to this Bible, The Message. It is written for easy understanding for simple people like me. I was instantly taken aback at the words.

Now I will have to say I am a simple-minded girl, lady, woman. I read and I see it in not elegant terms, but very open words. I thought about what I read and decided that this sounds so boring. I felt that life may be what the poem stated in reality.

But for me there is more. That is where I am a weird person. I am always having to dig underneath   the words, in between the lines. I saw that the reason I see things differently than the author of the poem is I add love, compassion, understanding and vigor to my life. I have to spice it up, see the small miracles, give thanks to God for any little thing I have and do. I can not afford to see such parallel at this point in my life. Caring for my brother takes more than just love for him.

I have to love God even deeper. Count on friendships harder. Pray more often.

Maybe some of you will totally disagree with me. This is alright. You may have a brain better equipped to see things and figure out stuff than I do. Maybe you will even want to offer me some advice.

I would also like to offer you the opportunity to point out verses that you are familiar with in the Bible. Please show me that it is impossible that our loving Mother is not conversing with Al. Tell me that Al is not in his right mind when he says he is speaking to Mom. That he has seen her hand reaching down to him.

I am confused, can you tell? A big part of me wants to believe that Mom is here to  help Al when the time is right for him to leave. Yet I also believe in God and his word. I don’t think for one moment that any evil is in our house. Why? Because there is too much love for God between Al and me. We lean on him so heavily how could any evil enter?

This is not a lose/win session between me and you, my friends. This is a time when I have to admit I don’t understand the Bible as well as you. I am looking for answers, as most of us are from time to time.

Here is what I told you I would let you read that I read.


The Question

These are the words of the Quester, David‘s son and king of Jerusalem.

Smoke, nothing but smoke. That’s what the Quester says.

There’s nothing to anything- it’s all smoke.

What’s there to show for a lifetime of work,

a lifetime of working your fingers to the bone?

One generation goes its way, the next one arrives,

but nothing changes- it’s business as usual for old planet earth.

The sun comes up and the sun goes down,

then does it again, and again- the same old round.

The wind blows south, the wind blows north,

Around and around and around it blows,

blowing this way and that- the whirling, erratic wind.

All the rivers flow into the sea,

but the sea never fills up.

The rivers keep flowing to the same old place,

and then start all over and do it again.

Everything’s boring, utterly boring-

no one can find any meaning in it.

Boring to the eye,

boring to the ear.

What was will be again,

what happened will happen again.

There’s nothing new on this earth.

Year after year it’s the same old thing.

Does someone call out, ” Hey, this is new”?

Don’t get excited- it’s the same old story.

Nobody remembers what happened yesterday.

And the things that will happen tomorrow?

Nobody’ll remember them either.

Don’t count on being remembered.

Well this is what I read. If you have any words of wisdom please feel free to speak to me or write to me. Now, I am going to go read the verses my friend pointed out.spirit worldAnimatedAngelbook-of-lifebook4

34 thoughts on “Is Life Really So Simple?

  1. It is very possible that your Mother is conversing with Al. You don’t need a verse to tell you what you already know. I know people mean well but unless you’ve had a loved one come back to you then you cannot KNOW. They do come. I’ve seen, spoken to, heard and even smelled them. I’m never afraid. They make me smile and bring comfort when they come. I do believe in God also. No one on earth can tell you what happens on the other side because they haven’t been there. This is why I don’t think you can find that answer in the Bible. Those who wrote it were on this side…


    • When you mentioned smell, I thought immediately of my daughter. She tells me now and then that Mom was with her, as Mom’s perfume, the only one she ever wore is strong and lingers. I think you are right. Al is very close to seeing the other side. I can not with a right mind question what he is seeing. How would I know and why would I question in the first place? thank you very much. You have helped me greatly. hugs


  2. While I fully believe the whole Bible is God’s Word, I have found some sections speak more clearly to my life situation at any given time. It is possible the spiritual wisdom conveyed in Ecclesiastes doesn’t closely connect with your experience right now. This doesn’t make it less true (or you wrong). It just means you might find it more helpful to read other passages of Scripture. I recommend the Psalms. You might start with Psalm 13. Keep reading. I’m praying for you.


    • I love reading the Psalms. I read them to Al too when he is too upset to sleep. They bring me great comfort. You know………….I think you are right. There are many wonderful passages in the Bible but we take them differently according to our own situations. Thanks Tony for pointing this out. It makes a lot of sense. Hugs


  3. That part of Ecclesiastes makes sense to me when I think of it as written from the point of view that there is no God. Without God that is what life is like–meaningless, smoke, etc…. God is the one who makes life have meaning. Without God history is a mindless repetition but with God there are God’s plans and purposes (Jeremiah 29:11). If a person lives just for his own pleasure and desires, life is “chasing after the wind”. The writer of Ecclesiastes goes back and forth talking about life without God and life with God. I hope this makes sense to you and helps. When I read Ecclesiastes I feel sad and hopeless for the people who are not saved. It makes me want to reach out to them more energetically with the Gospel message.


    • I would like to say that this is why I didn’t understand, because I am saved, but the truth is, I just didn’t see what it was really telling me. I thank you because your comment turned the light on and I get it now. hugs


  4. On the subject of spirits of the dead, they are talked about in the Bible. 1Samuel 28:8-19 Saul sees and talks to the spirit of Samuel. God directly forbids consulting the spirits of the dead for guidance. Leviticus 19:31, 20:6, 20:27, Deuteronomy 18:10-12, Isaiah 8:19. God forbid it because people were consulting the spirits for advice and guidance instead of depending on God. Leviticus 20:6 “I will also turn against those who commit spiritual prostitution by putting their trust in mediums or in those who consult the spirits of the dead. I will cut them off from the community.” So the spirits of the dead can talk to us. We are not to consult them or put our trust in them for guiding our life, but they are real and able to be seen and to talk to us. So, yes, I believe Al is seeing and hearing your mother. He is not just hallucinating. It is comforting to know that our loved ones and Jesus and angels will be there for us when we die.


    • Al may be very ill and on his way to a new life, but inside I refuse to believe that he is all of a sudden a liar, someone who makes up things. This is not his character. It never has been. With his mental challenge sometimes he is as simple as the letter 0. He says things the way he sees and understands. I believe that he is seeing and talking to Mom. I have had so many try and help by pointing out areas in the Bible that prove this could not be happening, and yet there is not one explanation on what it is . Maybe I am not supposed to know it all, I am only a human and God is the expert, but I do know this,,,,,,it brings me great comfort, knowing Al is a little afraid to die, that Mom will be leading him by the hand. Thanks Sparrow. you make life a little easier to understand


    • I would never consider looking to spirits or the dead in any way to know answers. I am too afraid. A God fearing woman I am, and I don’t ever want to invite trouble in to my home. hugs Sparrow


  5. Terry,

    Here is a series on the Bible teachings concerning spirits of those who have died… I hope it helps to answer your questions. After reading this series, I’ll be glad to answer any other questions you may have. Lord bless you.


  6. Just as there is God and love there is also evil and hate. The seeing of doors open and close etc is not from a loving God but a spirit of dissension I believe. Sparrow and Rob have both given you the best reading for the situation you need to delve into the word and keep strong with the Lords help, ask Him before reading His word to guide you as to what to read and help you to understand and believe. Love and hugs (((xx)))


    • then explain how Al and I love the Lord and Al is not able to think other wise than that God is here for him. Tell me what is happening here and how evil would be able to enter here with so much of God here


      • there are many others that follow your blog that can give you the answers. I only know that the stronger my belief the closer I walk with the Lord the more satan (evil) tries to cause dissension and disruption to my life. Satan attacks those that believe in any way he can even by placing a thought in our head and yes even using supernatural powers. It matters not how you and Al believe it matters that you believe that satan wants to attack because you believe. Please ask the more knowledgeable to give you a direction for answers and read your Bible on your own, seeking Gods guidance in giving you understanding. God Bless.


      • I hope I didn’t offend you by asking you more questions. I knew that Satan is always trying to win, but I thought that if we loved God so strongly and asked Satan to leave, he will leave. I always like your answers because you are honest with me. Please don’t be hurt. I am just trying to discover who was at our door


  7. If God is sending a comforting spirit to Al and it is helping him to cope, whether it is a dearly departed, an angel that looks like a dearly departed, or the Holy Spirit (Comforter), it is doing something positive for Al, if I am understanding his reaction to it correctly. It is not outside the realm of possibility that Al is experiencing hallucinations, but if it is giving Al any amount of comfort, then it’s not a negative thing. You trust God and talk to Him, so the likelihood of someone who can do nothing about it (Al) being allowed to be visited by evil spirits is not likely. I have never read anywhere in the Bible that God works that way. I have also never been “over there,” but trust in God to take care of Al seems like the right direction to go in order to experience comfort and relief for yourself about Al. God is a friend to the helpless, and He loves Al, so please draw some comfort from these things, Terry. Don’t feel bad about not knowing everything — nobody knows it all when it comes to knowing everything that God is about, lol.


    • It does bring comfort to Al. Sometimes he cries when he speaks to her but it is because he misses her, he says. I think it even makes me feel better knowing that someone or something greater is here for him also, other than me. Thanks so much Becky. You are such a wonderful friend


  8. You’re amazing Terry dear! Definitely we must always make God first and the rest always falls into place ! You’re one in a zillon! Your heart is too beautiful ! What an awesome post! I love Ecclesiastic!


  9. I was going to say similar to one of your other commenters…that the passage in Ecclesiastes and even more than that one…is speaking of the meaningless of life whatever it entails without God in it.. All means nothing without Him. …. Diane


  10. Hi Terry,
    Your open invitation to truth is the surest sign that God will bring you sufficient light for your path.
    Who can fathom the depths of grief and loss?
    You and Al loved your mother and her loss will always accompany you both.
    For Al her memory brings a comfort and strength in his own time of suffering.
    Whether she is “really” there or it is the power of her beloved memory, who is to say.
    Does it really matter?
    “The strands are all there: to the memory nothing is ever lost.” Eudora Welty
    I’d be hesitant to take a doctrine of life from Ecclesiastes.
    It has some famous passages, but it’s theme is Man’s Reasoning. The key phrases are “under the sun”, “I perceived”, and “I said in my heart”. Remember Solomon ended his own walk with God as a fool having been led into idolatry by the many foreign wives he married.

    Your love and care for Al are a tribute to your mother. As is your concern for the path he is walking. Helping those we love who are approaching the end of their lives is a tremendous challenge. May God grant you the wisdom you seek during this trial (James 1:5).
    Another responder mentioned the Psalms.
    In that most famous of all Psalms, the 23rd, David mentions that in the valley of the shadow of death God is with him and it is a comfort.
    Psalm 116:15 tells us “Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints”.
    We know the promise of the Bible for those who claim Christ as Savior is “absent from the body, present with the Lord (2 Cor. 5:8).
    We also note that the focus of those in heaven is God, not this earth. (Isaiah. 6, 2 Corinthians 12:4, Revelation 4:1-11)
    My Dad passed away four years ago. He was a believer. He’s in glory now and I believe he is enjoying the presence of Jesus and the joy Jesus has prepared for us (John 14:1-3).
    1 Corinthians 13:12 For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then I shall know even as I am known.
    Knowing Jesus face to face, I think my Dad would direct my attention fully to Jesus.
    I think he’d say, “Kelly, worship God, love Him, and serve Him with all you are and all you have within you—search out what He has said about Himself and believe it because it’s all truer than true”.

    What do you think your Mom might say to you & Al?
    Grace & Peace to you both,


    • Hi Kelly. I love your comment, every word. I am writing down the verses you have mentioned to me. Knowing Mom she would have her hands on her hips telling Al to come on, it is time, I am getting impatient. Now let’s go. I think this is what she would say. Al keeps telling me that he sees Mom and she is reaching her hand down to his. I don’t know anything for sure. I do know that Al finds great comfort in knowing or believing his Mom, our mom is here. Thank you very very much


  11. Terry, as usual I’m coming in late on this one. I haven’t read the other comments, so please forgive me if this is a repeat.

    The book of Ecclesiastes was written by King Solomon when he was in a very depressed state. Remember, he was gifted with great wisdom, riches, and power. Sadly, all that went to his head and turned his heart to earthly things instead of to God, Who had so gifted him. No wonder he was depressed–any man would be, with 300 wives and 700 concubines!

    The Bible always has to be read in context. If you read just a passage here and there from Ecclesiastes, you will go away discouraged. Try reading the whole thing at one sitting. Solomon comes to some very important conclusions that will lift your spirits. Think of it as reading his diary 🙂

    As far as Al seeing your mom, and the other incidents you have described, I don’t have any answers except to say that I believe, as our souls draw closer to heaven, that we get just a tiny glimpse of what awaits us there. Stories abound of people who have similar experiences as they draw closer to death. Don’t let the naysayers upset you.


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