Epidermis Bucket List

I have never made a post like I am about to do. This post is all about me. I am not adding my views, my tears nor laughter.

I get a little edgy when I think of how old I am becoming. Not that I can stop it of course, but thinking more on the lines of what else can I do or what do I still want in life. This is not a greedy post either. It is just plain and simple. If there is a way to complete I would like to.

I guess I will call it my Epidermis Bucket List. You can tell by the title that these are not life or death needs, but things that bring me joy.  So here goes my list.

1. I would love to be sitting in my very own old log cabin.cabin

If I could do it the easy way I would look like Betty White when I get much older.betty I would have the body of Raquel Welch.raquel-welch-574619214

I would have a 1955 Chevy just for fun drives.55

I would own one authentic baby doll baby doll.

I would be living in the hills of Tennessee.ten Or I would be in the mountains in Kentucky.ky

I would never see another snow fall, not that it isn’t beautiful, but my bones just don’t like being cold any longer.snow-falling3

I would spend as many early mornings fishing.fishing

I would like to meet a very nice eligible man.bachelor

I would like to visit Germany one more time.castle

I would like to have enough money in the bank that I never had to worry when the bills came in.gold key

I would like to own one camera that takes night-time photos and close up photos with no problem.camera

Well that is quite a list. But you know what? It let my mind release and dream. Dream big you might say. Most of this will never happen, but I can dream.

I don’t know what is in store for me down the road, but it makes me want to keep living and maybe later on I will add more to this list.

Hey, this was fun and therapeutic.

Daily Prompt; The Excitement Never Ends

http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/09/08/daily-prompt-excitement/, DP, Daily Prompt

Tell us about the last thing you got excited about — butterflies-in-the-stomach, giggling, can’t-wait excited. 

Photographers, artists, poets: show us EXCITEMENT.

The last time I got excited and butterflies in my stomach I already posted about. The auction I went to. Knowing I had a chance to touch and keep memories of my past was the greatest thing I had done in a long time.

The time before that was when my girlfriend who lives a little over an hour was coming up to visit. This makes me excited. I get butterflies just knowing we are going to spend precious time together.

We always go out to eat somewhere and chat the minutes a way. Then we go to an antique store. She always tells me the same thing every time we go. ” You always seem so sad but when you walk in the doors of an antique store you light up.”

This is probably true. I have antiques in my blood. So does Al, but it is very difficult to take him anymore plus he doesn’t register that he can’t have what ever he wants and this can ruin the entire trip.

I started in my basement. People would stop by and eventually word of mouth spread and I ended up having my own store. I loved it. I breathed it. The first project I ever did was a straight chair. It had ten coats of paint on it. I never dip furniture. I take it off by hand, one layer at a time.indian It was worth every hour I spent refinishing this chair.

The next project I did was refinish an old wooden, oak cabinet.Old-Hoosier-Cabinet-150x150

I bought a lot of pieces and refinished them, placed them in my store and sold them. I added costume jewelry to sell.vintage_rhinestone_costume_jewelry

I didn’t have so many clients that I refinished for as time went by.

I started working at auctions, buying up at anywhere I could find items and reselling them.

I did a piece for my grandmother and another piece for my mother. Those were a joy to do as I knew they meant a lot to them. I did this until I got my divorce.

I won’t rag on my ex although it would be fun and easy. I will just say I made a big mistake and I ended up having to give up my store and go to work at a real job. That is how I ended up in nursing.

So anytime my girlfriend comes up I know we are going to look some place that stirs my heart, makes me smile and turns me on. Talk about getting excited, I sure do.

_picture it & write/ Ermilia


open seaIt’s what we all want, isn’t it?

Do we not want life to turn in the direction of our own way of living?

Do we not want the feeling of

Freedom at all times?

To feel the gentle breezes

To see beyond  the horizons

To be in touch with our soft side

No arguing

No fighting

Peace surrounding  us

A wall that can not be broken

Yes, following our heart’s desires

No errors in our plans

The perfect life

The smooth road

No bumps to trip over

Would our lives

Be forever changed

If we didn’t stumble

Now and then?

Peace, serenity

Mixed with a dash of trouble

Helps the mind grow

Inspires us to be

Better people

Living along side

Of vast millions

I long for this

As you do also

We need each other

We want to count

We want to matter

And so I say

Look to the oceans

Take in the beauty

Feel the inner peace

And smile for the

World truly is

On your side

We just have to

Trip a little

To discover it.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


Do I Have That Right?

Sometimes, like now

I feel like I have to

Know all answers

But do I really

Have that right?

Am I special?

Am I  God?

Why is it I

Can not be satisfied

That things I pray for

Are being answered

In ways I do not see

To be content and

Live the life I

Have been granted

Is more than

I deserve

So I come to

You my God

And pray for

Acceptance, to

Acknowledge that

I do not understand all

For only you

The almighty

Have all the answers.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd