Do I Have That Right?

Sometimes, like now

I feel like I have to

Know all answers

But do I really

Have that right?

Am I special?

Am I  God?

Why is it I

Can not be satisfied

That things I pray for

Are being answered

In ways I do not see

To be content and

Live the life I

Have been granted

Is more than

I deserve

So I come to

You my God

And pray for

Acceptance, to

Acknowledge that

I do not understand all

For only you

The almighty

Have all the answers.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


14 thoughts on “Do I Have That Right?

  1. Unfortunately, we are given the answers, but in a way that we have to work them out for ourselves. There are no solutions in the back of the book. I wish there were.

    You and Al are in my thoughts Terry


  2. Knowing the answer is as simple as understanding that every event, every circumstance and every day is The Best for you (and AL) that is can be give the tools you are working with. In that you can know that every prayer is being given the best answer possible. To understand how it all works would be to have our heads explode. Abe Lincoln said it so well…..(paraphrase) It is a good this that time passes one day at a time. Otherwise we would be so overwhelmed with all of the knowledge, we would certainly die on the spot.Of overload.
    Concentrate on knowing the best thing is happening at all times whenever you search for the why to things that make no sense to your human mind. The Best Thing is always happening, even if we cannot make sense of it with our heads or hearts.


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