Epidermis Bucket List

I have never made a post like I am about to do. This post is all about me. I am not adding my views, my tears nor laughter.

I get a little edgy when I think of how old I am becoming. Not that I can stop it of course, but thinking more on the lines of what else can I do or what do I still want in life. This is not a greedy post either. It is just plain and simple. If there is a way to complete I would like to.

I guess I will call it my Epidermis Bucket List. You can tell by the title that these are not life or death needs, but things that bring me joy.  So here goes my list.

1. I would love to be sitting in my very own old log cabin.cabin

If I could do it the easy way I would look like Betty White when I get much older.betty I would have the body of Raquel Welch.raquel-welch-574619214

I would have a 1955 Chevy just for fun drives.55

I would own one authentic baby doll baby doll.

I would be living in the hills of Tennessee.ten Or I would be in the mountains in Kentucky.ky

I would never see another snow fall, not that it isn’t beautiful, but my bones just don’t like being cold any longer.snow-falling3

I would spend as many early mornings fishing.fishing

I would like to meet a very nice eligible man.bachelor

I would like to visit Germany one more time.castle

I would like to have enough money in the bank that I never had to worry when the bills came in.gold key

I would like to own one camera that takes night-time photos and close up photos with no problem.camera

Well that is quite a list. But you know what? It let my mind release and dream. Dream big you might say. Most of this will never happen, but I can dream.

I don’t know what is in store for me down the road, but it makes me want to keep living and maybe later on I will add more to this list.

Hey, this was fun and therapeutic.

25 thoughts on “Epidermis Bucket List

  1. A wonderful “bucket list” – I’m so glad you mentioned looking like Betty White – I’ve added that to my own bucket list!! It never hurts to dream big…as my grandmother used to say, your ship just might come in. 🙂 I hope that for you.


    • one day you and I will meet in the after world, and we will be looking into the same mirror saying mirror mirror on the wall which one of us is the most beautiful Betty White of all!! LOL, she is such an awesome woman. and here, she is on TV right now!!!!


    • If I had her money I could look like that too! but then again I am afraid of needles, so I may look like I do now and go for something else, new clothes??? LOL thanks Cindy!!


    • I lived in Germany for a year, years ago. I dream of it still today. I want to go back, not to live but really take the country in. I hope you get to go back to Rome, and like you I would like to grow gracefully also and not be a burden to anyone


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