I Was Not Prepared

I didn’t really blog much about Al over the weekend. There wasn’t a lot to say. I took him out for lunch because he wanted to spend the gift that he received from a blogger. After lunch we went to Wal-Mart and he bought a new car. A 1960 Ford Galaxy Star liner sheriff car. Al’s is made to look like a police car but the same body as this photo.

When we came home he took a nap. He remained fairly quiet the rest of the weekend. He refused to come out to the table for meals, instead eating in his room.

Tonight the truth finally came out, and I can tell you I was not prepared for what he said. His words were, ” I have thought about it for a few days and I want to donate my body. I want the doctors to find out what made me this way so no one else has to suffer like me”.

We talked for over an hour. I came to the conclusion that he is very serious. He wants me to hurry and get the arrangements made so he can die.

I sat close to him and put my arms around him. He started crying and then I cried. We held each other until he fell asleep and then I sneaked out of his room to the safety of my computer.


64 thoughts on “I Was Not Prepared

    • it takes a lot of guts for what he wishes, but I just learned it cost five hundred dollars to donate his brain and we can not afford this, but I can not tell Al this. He wants it so bad


      • Not sure if this will help but I couldn’t find an Indiana one so the next closest was Illinois. May be worth at least calling the phone number to see if they can suggest anything. Feel free to disregard, just wanted to see about some other options for you guys.

        Name: Center for Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders – Dementia Brain Autopsy Program
        Location: Springfield, IL
        Qualifications/Eligibility: Participants in this program must be seen for at least one clinical exam at of the program’s satellite clinics prior to signing up (call or see website for a listing of all satellite locations).
        Program Requirements: Participants must go in for at least one clinical exam, if they have not already, at one of the Center’s satellite clinics.
        Contact Information and Instructions: To find your local Southern Illinois University School of Medicine primary provider, visit (www.siumed.edu/alz/primprov.html).
        Phone: (217) 545-8249 or (217) 545-8417 (during office hours) and (217) 545-8000 (after office hours, weekends)
        Email: Find the coordinator in your area to email by visiting http://www.siumed.edu/alz/primprov.html
        Website: http://www.siumed.edu/cadrd/cadrd.html
        Address: Southern Illinois University, School of Medicine
        Center for Alzheimer Disease and Related Disorders
        P.O. Box 19643
        Springfield, IL 62794


      • I have asked the M.S.A. foundation to see if they know and they told me it is 500 through the Mao Clinic. I would think there would be no charge in order to study and discover a cure, but then again we can do nothing without being charged


    • I don’t think I can do it Tersia. I just found out it cost 500.00 to donate his brain to help find a cure. We don’t have that kind of money. I don’t think I will say anything to Al about what I have learned


    • thank you Harold but I may not be able to fulfill his wish. I just learned that it cost 500 dollars to donate his brain. I don’t work so I can care for him at home and he has no money. I don’t have the heart to tell Al, so for now or maybe never I am not saying anything to him


  1. What a wonderful thing to do, Al will be helping someone. A donation should not cost though. I would have thought donating your body for research they would be happy to accept. We have got this donor thing and it does not cost, and you can donate any parts of your body. Mind you I think that is not for research, but to give to other people any healthy bit on you. That is s bit different.
    Al has a big heart and wants to help and that is wonderful!


  2. It is a wonderful thing AL wants to do but you need to look into it for a couple of reasons, firstly they may not accept his body it all depends on what research programmes they have on at the time but secondly and I think this will be the main consideration for you is what happens when they finish with the body, it will either be returned at a later date for you to dispose of or they will dispose of it and I hate to sound awful but I have heard stories where the bodies have been disposed of as waste. I am not saying for one minute that you should not honour Al’s wishes but you do need to do a lot of research on this for yourself because there are preparations that would need to be made while Al is still alive for this especially as to the storage of his body when he passes as the may need to take him more or less straight away to preserve tissue


  3. How would you feel about starting a donation page so that people can donate money to help to pay for it? You could give him his wish then. I’m sure there are plenty, like me, who would happily donate.,


  4. I am new to your page so I don’t know the full story, but my heart goes out to you. It’s always hard to watch a loved one suffer. If you start a donation page, I’ll give. Please drop me a note so I don’t miss it.
    God’s Blessings to you,


  5. Terry dear, its the most inevitable concern for our loved one & I’m sure you completely understand his profound appreciation & love for U so, let him confide these needs in u; I, too, have all these things in order. It’s a peace of mind. Sweetie remember Abraham & his greatest sacrifice ~giving up his Only promised child, right ? It wasn’t because God didn’t know what Abraham would do but, Abraham didn’t so, in essence, Abraham needed to h
    learn something about Abraham which was that he loved God unconditionally ~ and this could be your sacrifice ~to learn something about yourself ! To me, you’ve beat us all!


  6. Al has a beautiful heart. Two good friends of mine are doing the same thing. They are donating their bodies so that young drs can work on them and one day find cures to help others.


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