I Want to go Back


I wanted so badly

To grow up

But no one told me

Broken hearts

And falling walls

Could touch me

In places that

Were once virgin

Stretching out my

Arms to you as

You walk by

I touch my baby

I carry within

And I cry as

I see we are over

I want to go back

Take my time

Do not hurry

Start all

Over again

Now I am old

And the child is grown

And I look out

Over the horizons

And wonder if you

Are still traveling

Strumming your

Love songs

That play on  your heart.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



New Day



Morning Has Broken

Morning has broken

It is yet another new day

A chance to help out

A chance to bring smiles

A time to ponder

On who I am

And what I have

Done with my life

I make many mistakes

Lord know this best

But learning from them

I plan to do today

My heart is big

My love runs deep

Now help me

To follow your path

For morning has broken.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd