9 11As you read my post on 9/11, please pause for a moment and remember the lives that were lost during this terrorist attack. I know that it is on my mind at times throughout the year, but especially today.

My mother had passed a year prior and I so remember the moment I saw the news flash on the television I so wanted to call my mom and talk to her about this terrible event.

We must all give thanks for every moment we are able to take one more breath.

God bless.


13 thoughts on “9/11

  1. I was at work. I had a call from a customer who just wanted to talk to someone. She said “America has been blown up” The manager came running and turned the TV on. We watched the calls waiting indicator drop to zero and then the phones were switched off


    • it was a terrible day. I was already suffering emotionally because the day before I had just kicked my husband out and then to flip on the TV and see this tragedy. My life felt like it just fell to pieces


      • I can imagine. I was a member of a forum for Dungeons and Dragons. A fair few were very vocal on there. That evening, I asked if everyone was safe, and several of the people didn’t answer. A month or so later, their accounts were closed.

        A friend of mine moved to America in 2000, and lived in New York. I sent him a terrified message, and he sent one back saying that he moved to Atlanta a couple of weeks earlier


      • that had to be explosive to not receive any response. How sad Alastair. This is one time you needed a reply from your friends. I am happy that one of them had moved


  2. Thank you for remembering, Terry. I just posted on what I went through on my blog. Please check it out. Being from NY, makes it that more difficult to deal with this attack. I’m still praying for Al, and you, my friend. Blessings.


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