It Won’t Work, Now This Topic is Dead

I have went on and on trying to please this one and that one. Afraid of hurting feelings. Trying to do what was right for Al.

In the end I got the final results this morning. Al is too sick. His body and height are out of the guidelines.

I have deleted the fundraising post and the explanation post.

I will continue to tell Al that I will look and that I am aware of his wishes, but in the end unless a miracle from God takes place the topic of his donating any part of his diseased body is dead.

Thanks for listening to my frustrations, my ideas, and my apologies. I am sorry to ramble on. I was just trying to help someone I love.sad-face

41 thoughts on “It Won’t Work, Now This Topic is Dead

  1. Dearest Terry,
    I’m so sorry to hear. Please No Apologies! We are here to support you. I have no doubt you did everything within your power to respect Al’s wishes. Sending you Love & Light My Friend.
    Your Friend,


  2. Terry, you have done all that you could do. Don’t feel guilt for not having set things up as Al desired. Just tell him you will do your best to fulfill his wishes and let it go at that. May God be with you both at this difficult time.


  3. You have nothing to beat yourself up for, Terry. You did all you could and no one can do more than that. And it was a beautiful desire Al had to do this. It’s what is in the heart that counts. And God sees into our hearts. Some things are just not possible in this life. I pray God’s peace and blessing on both you and Al. If I was near, I would come and give you a big hug. So a long-distance one will have to do.


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