55 thoughts on “Is Heaven Real? Yes, says an 11 year old

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    Later, I’ll add some information concerning this subject — I’m sure that there is life after death. How that breaks down in this world is apparently much as described by a few that survived a near-death-experience and a few spiritual teachers. So, since this is already on wordpress, I decided to Reblog this video as a start.


  2. There are several videos about Colton and his experience. I have some others and a few about others that relate a similar experience. Its especially interesting that Colton claims that he met his grandfather and shared stories about how the man had lived — even though the man had been dead for decades — and Colton can relate information about his unborn sister. Thanks for posting this.


  3. This kid’s amazing, trustworthy testimony is basically the justification for the mormon religion. Why would a young kid lie? Where could he get all these ideas from? It must be true.

    How many of the commenters are going to convert to mormonism? My guess is not many.

    We will accept evidence that supposedly supports our own beliefs or hopes that we won’t accept in support of some other belief.


    • I want to believe that heaven is really heaven and that people who hurt will no longer hurt. This earth is hard to live in, there has to be a better place, what do you think?


      • I think people long for heaven when they give up on earth. I want to make the world a better place, I have no reason to suppose there’s another universe waiting for me somewhere. As for not getting hurt, we should minimize suffering but not get rid of it, because a lot of positive meaning actually comes from hardships and suffering and overcoming obstacles. Do you play video games at all? How meaningful would it be if they were all rigged so you couldn’t lose? All the cheat codes enabled all the time. That is analogous to life. We want to be rich and never suffer but we would be terrible, useless people bored out of our minds if we actually got what we wanted. We’re like kids who want to eat ice cream all day and stay up late and not eat our vegetables. We instinctively think that will make us happy but it won’t.

        To quote mark twain, “The secret source of humor itself is not joy but sorrow. There is no humor in heaven.”

        Eastern philosophy deals with good and evil better than christian theology, which simply tries to rationalize evil. In buddhism and taoism it’s seen as a necessary opposite, like light and darkness. In the same sense that in a world without darkness light would be a meaningless concept (and visa versa) in a world without pain or boredom or other unpleasant things there would be no concept of happiness or joy or pleasure, because there would be nothing to contrast it with.


      • I think here on earth we have to hurt. We need to suffer. The only way we learn is through hardships in life. The pay off of following God and suffering here is our reward in heaven, in my opinion. I like your comment


    • I think that the video is to present the thinking that “we” need not be perfect to receive salvation. As far as that goes, perhaps all people are saved (by my understanding that’s true) unless they may turn away from salvation — so, anyone may presumably decide to be saved even at the moment of death (and there isn’t any worry in that moment so they say when being open to the experience). So, if you pass on and Jesus meets you… take his hand and say, “I believe.” Then, I can finally meet you. [have some fun here — these are some nice folks]


      • I understand. I guess I kind of feel sorry for ministers these days, many of them are losing faith or doubting just like many christians, but they are locked into it as a career, so they often keep pretending to believe for years as atheists. Even mother teresa stopped believing in god for about a decade. Plus the modern church is like a corporation and priests are more like CEOs with spreadsheets and business skills needed and I can see how that could be so disheartening for people who got into it to help people. And then on top of it you have to deal with other peoples’ problems which can, if you are struggling yourself either be a useful distraction or a drain.

        I have mixed feelings, I see organized religion as a bad thing and am glad it’s gradually imploding in on itself in many ways, but it’s got to be hard for priests and ministers.


      • I do not care for organized religion. The people within the walls ruined it for me. I like my own spiritual beliefs that I continue to grow in. God may be one unit, but there are millions with their own thoughts


  4. Terry, I have the book Colton’s dad wrote about this experience. It is totally credible and incredible. I have other books by people who have had similar experiences. Most Christians have very little idea what we will see when we get to heaven. It will be phenomenal.


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