Born Free

Al has been in Hospice House                                                            baby after bath #11

For three days

I am anxious for him to come home

I miss him in so many ways

But while he has been gone

My body and mind are no longer three

For I feel I have been born free

My thoughts are brighter

My smile is back

I want to jump and down

I feel back on track

This must be what respite means

Regenerating our souls

Ready to tackle another day

When I once again take on a caregiver role.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


22 thoughts on “Born Free

  1. I’m glad that you had a break from the heavy load that a caretaker’s everyday is … and that you feel good about getting Al back – great news … as I have said all the time .. in all this, don’t forget yourself. Lots of thoughts.


  2. “The truth of the matter is that you don’t always have the answers, you don’t always know what’s right or wrong in taking care of those who need you most.The difficult part is handing everything over to God to make all the crucial decisions for you as you go.”

    ~Dianne Cogar


    • to depend on him more and more. I didn’t used to. I would depend on him when I couldn’t figure it out myself. Also patience, which is something I didn’t have plenty of before, but I wait now more easily. Wait to figure out what Al is trying to say to me, since his voice is almost gone, patience to realize a schedule is no more, etc


      • I wholeheartedly agree dear; he’s also teaching you ~US~ that we are in his care and even these foggy understanding is a way to call us back to him, to the basics and to TRUST that He can do his work, we are His instrument ~ Al is still being used for His glory as well as for Al’s glorification. Pray for the whispering of the Holy Ghost which is a revealer! You’re two in my prayers ~ Faithfully Debbie


      • I have had a few people through the months tell me that God was trying to teach me something through Al’s illness. And once I learned God would take Al home. I don’t want this to happen but I finally saw the light of what he was teaching me. hugs Debbie


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