What’s In a Name

A friend/blogger mentioned something nice about me. It made me think how people see and view me differently than I do myself.

What is in a name, what does it mean?                                                                           popular names

Mine is Teresa. It means saint. Really? Me, a saint? LOL

What does yours mean?

Viveka- Swedish and popular

Ann- English, hieroglyphics, numerology

Becky- Hebrew, fun, loving, compassion

Elaine- French, spontanious, courage, seeming like the good type of kid

Mona- Irish, noble , aristocratic

Debbie- Hebrew, meaning honeybee,  heavenly

Cathy- Greek, meaning of being pure, can make no mistakes

Sandy- from the name Alexander in Greece, always busy running errands

Amber- Arabic, a beautiful pearl

Marsha- English, brave warrior of God

Sharla- English, singer, beautiful, spiritually intense

Nancy- Hebrew,  gracious

Harold-  old English name, chief of the Army

Alastair- Scottish,  defender of man kind

Well here are a few names that popped up in my mind. I did not intentionally leave anyone out. If you would like to share the meaning of your name, please do.

I located these definitions from the internet. You may have a different one than I mentioned. After all, we all know the internet is sometimes full of hog wash.

No matter what our name stands for we are proud of who we are, just like Proud Mary.

A Sister’s Love

Alastair wrote a poem for me

A Mixed Bag

Celestine wrote a Nonet a few days ago which is where a poem starts with nine syllables on the first line, eight on the second down to one on the ninth line. As soon as I saw it, I knew I was going to write one for Terry. She does a wonderful job looking after her brother who suffers with Multiple System Atrophy and Parkinson’s Disease. So Terry, this is for you.

A Sister’s Love

Looking after a brother who is
terminally ill, is hard on
the mind and physically
as well. But Terry is
working selflessly
giving Al the
best life that
she can

© A Forbes 2013

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