Time After Time

Time after time                                                                           time after time

I go back

I remember

How it used to be

Auctions, laughter


But now

Time after time

I watch you sleep

Slipping into

Another world

One that has no pain

One where you may gain

A true understanding

Of happiness all over

Time after time

I pray for you

I feel the

Angels presence

As we watch

Over you

Taking great care

To see your comfort

Time after time

I watch you

Slipping away from me

Breathing labored

Darkened nails

Weakened body

Although I want

To run, to turn away

Time after time

I find my feet planted

Right by your side

Waiting and breathing

With you.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


Al is home today but has slept most of the day a way. Watch over him God, help me do a good job.

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