Daily Prompt; Non Sequitur

Toyota's first lift truck

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Write a post about anything you’d like, but be sure to include this sentence somewhere in the final paragraph:

“He tried to hit me with a forklift!”

Photographers, artists, poets: show us a NON SEQUITUR.

Art hated me. I was what you say, the teacher’s pet, but at work. I never missed work. I was never tardy once. I needed my paycheck to support my family. You see, I have six kids at home and a wife.

It isn’t easy feeding that big of family on 12.00 dollars an hour. And with the way the health care has gone down the poop shoot, I end up paying more but getting less in return. It seems like every time I turn around one of the little ones has the sniffles.

Well shoot, I can remember one winter my oldest daughter came home from school with the chicken pox. Can you believe it? She gave it to all the other kids. I think we owned some stock in the doctor by the time we finished with that ordeal.

We are a poor family but we are proud. It has never been an easy street. We got plenty of bumps and gravel that we have to jump over. But you know what? We got love. Yeah, plenty of love. My wife Marie? She and I decided before we got married that we were going to fill our house with lots of love and laughter, and we did a pretty good job, I can tell you that much.

Marie stays home and babysits. I know, right? She can just take care of so many kids, bless her heart. She is a good woman, my Marie. With me working and her helping out, it made us proud when we were able to hand that bank man a nice handful of money.

We bought the house we are living in right now. It needed some tender loving care. But who cares? It is ours and the payments each month are right where they are supposed to be in our budget.

Out back we got ourselves a big old garden. Why, between the kids and Marie and myself, we can live off that all winter long. My Mama weren’t no fool. She taught us kids the same thing. She always used to say, “Joseph, yeah, that’s my name. She would say Joseph, it don’t do you no harm in doing a little bit of work. Look how hard the Lord worked. He worked so hard he had to take a whole day off just to rest. Yeah, my Mama was a smart woman. She taught us well. I sure do miss her, but I know she’s looking down from heaven smiling on me.”

We own our own car too. It ain’t nothing pretty to look at. But its paid for, and that’s what really counts. Just an oil change every now and then and a good wash job makes Myrtle, our car, purr like a kitten.

So it upset me real bad. This one day at work. I was working hard. You see I work in one of those dirty foundries you hear of or read about. Gets me all black, so by the time my day is done, I have to use the company’s shower so I don’t track it all over our house. I think Marie would have my hide if she saw my footprints trampled everywhere. She’d probably hold my dinner from me.

Now Art, this guy at work, he thinks he is pretty special, but I think he is just a little whipper snapper with a big mouth. He ain’t very old I don’t think. Well I doubt if he is dry behind the ears yet.

Now he keeps doing this thing with the boss. Whenever the boss is around he shows himself. No, not naked like, but his being stupid. I guess we could name it “kissing ass.” I don’t think the boss cares for it much. Every time I look his way he is just a rolling his eyes at Art.

Well there was one time he was a showing off and the big boss comes by and he pretty much ignores Mr. Smarty Pants. He comes over to where I am working and ask me if I could do some extra work. You know, sort of fill in since there was a guy out sick.

I said,” Sure boss, no trouble at all.” The next darn thing I knew, that smart mouthed kid jumped up on the fork lift and tried to hit me with it. I kid you not. He tried to run me over with it.

The boss was standing outside his office and he saw the whole thing. Yep, you guessed it. He got in trouble. He got put on a probation thing. This means he don’t get paid and he was put off of work for a week. All I remember is when the boss got through talking to him, Art walked by me and flipped me off. He gave me that old bird signal with his middle finger.

I turned a way but underneath I was chuckling. I couldn’t help it. Mama always said mind your P’s and Q’s and keep your nose to the ground or you’re gonna get into some mighty hot water, and I guess he did.

Well I am glad I didn’t get hurt. I was paying attention I guess, doing a good day’s work for my pay check. Well folks, that’s the end of my story. I better get back to work before I’m the one in hot water. You all have a good night.

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