Let’s Go Get Happy

How many of you are truly happy? Don’t really have any issues going on? Everything in your life is going as planned? I was watching this TV show tonight and the man who was in love with one woman  was going to marry the another  woman.

Yes, you get the idea. I was watching a pre-taped soap opera. I know, but give me a break. I have been watching this same show since I was in the 7th grade. It’s kind of hard to give up habits that make me drool and dream about what I wish was going on in my life.

Oh no, I didn’t mean I want to be involved with someone who doesn’t love me. I am talking about the fairy tale dream that I will live happily ever after with that hunk of a man who makes me melt when I see him enter the room.

When the hunk on the soap didn’t marry his love his daughter from another relationship made the comment that sort of hit home with me. His daughter said, ” Let’s go get ice-cream.” The dad replied back, ” Yes, let’s go, let’s go get happy.”

Is that all it takes to get  happy? Just one frivolous thought, a simple gesture like getting ice-cream? Of course, I could replace ice-cream with any word I want, but is it truly just a mind-set. A turn of the mind and everything is on its way to healing?

If this is true, then why don’t I toss my values out the window and go have some fun. Like getting in my car and going to get ice-cream.

ice cream wallpaper


19 thoughts on “Let’s Go Get Happy

  1. As you know Icecream might make happy for 5 minutes, happiness does come from within and is related to your attitiude to things around you. enjoying an icecream together is happiness, but just being together is more than that! Much love !


    • exactly my point in my post. I love to be happy but you have to and I am speaking for each of us as individuals in the world, you, me all of us have to have the right ingredients to make us happy. What is important to you and me may not mean crap to someone else. I know I hate being alone. Oh yes, I have Al, but I mean a partner to share life with. This makes and keeps me sad that my life is passing me by and I may not find another mate. So no, it isn’t simple, and if people are telling you it is, they are fooling themselves


      • You will find someone to spend the rest of your years with, it isn’t the right time yet. You have a wonderful heart so when you find the right person, they will be with you properly.

        Just remember, it is better to be alone than be in a relationship and feel alone.


    • exactly. We don’t need a big house, or riches. We need what makes us feel special and unique. We need to enjoy the little things that make our eyes spark! When we do this we get a big total of pure bliss!


  2. I’m very fortunate to be married to the great love of my life. We’ll be married 26 years in October. BUT there are other sorrowful events happening in my life that I wish could be solved with a scoop or two of ice cream. And watching a soap is no worse than me being addicted to the “Real Housewives” shows! If it brungs you a little respite from the world, go for it! Hope Al has a good day. Sandy


  3. We can have ice cream while reading our bible – that will really make us happy and throw in some cookies – that would make me ecstatic! The goal for today is to find our favorite dessert, open God’s Word and get happy!! 🙂


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