Daily Prompt; Celebrate Good Times

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You receive some wonderful, improbable, hoped-for good news. How do you celebrate?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us CELEBRATION.

( I should say this is a story and not the truth. A dream, a hope but hasn’t happened. This is me acting as if it has.)

Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it. Get out the plastic glasses, pop open those diet cokes. We are going to celebrate. The one thing I dream about and hope for  years is this.balloonsballoons 2dog lasho apso

My parents had one of these. A little girl named Missy. Anytime I was at the house, up on my lap she came.

She would look at me with those big brown eyes, and I swear she knew what I was saying. She wasn’t a dog. She was a friend. Ever since my parents passed and Missy went to doggie heaven, I have wanted one.

I sometimes go to dog search when I have the time. I look at all of the dogs for adoptions. But sadly I can not afford one.

I want a little girl so bad. Well one morning as I was drinking my first cup of steaming hot coffee I heard a knock at the front door.

When I opened it up there was a nice gentleman with a bunch of balloons. I was so surprised as I never receive gifts like this.

If a package arrives it is always Al‘s medications.  But today, right now this gift was for me. I took all of them from me and said my thanks. I was about to ask if there was a delivery card when he said, ” Hold on a moment miss. I have something else in the back of the truck.”

While he went to get what ever it was, I hurried and put the balloons in the dining room. As soon as I released my grip on them, they all slowly floated to the ceiling. I was now living above the clouds with rainbow colors surrounding me. I was almost giddy with delight.

The man returned and he had a box. It was a pretty big box. I would say the size of large moving box. I let him in and he set it down on the carpet. He pointed out to me the Fragile stickers and smiling, tipping his hat, he turned and left.

I stood there looking at the box wondering what was in it. Actually I was delaying the answer. I was thrilled that I had something just for me. I wanted to savor every second. Alright, second is up. I got the scissors and sliced the loosely fitting tape.

As I turned the box around I could see many holes. Hmmm I wondered, what ever is in here must be alive. Oh my gosh, what is it? Is this a joke?

Carefully I lifted one corner. Nothing jumped out at me or slithered up the side of the box. I continued to lift all corners and peeked down into the box. I think I just about peed my pants as I saw her.

Who had done this? Who had been so kind to me? I picked her up and snuggled her to my face. Her black button nose snuggled back at me. She and I were friends from the very first look.

I named her Panda because she is black and white. I love her. My dream has come true. I will never know who sent her as there was never a card or paper. Who ever you are out there, words can not express my happy thoughts. This was the best news, the best gift, the best ever of anything; my Panda and me.

A Little Bit of Fun Added to Any Help On This Photo? Doctors, Nurses, Friends?

Let’s do the fun things first. That’s what Mom used to never say. In fact, she always said get the bad stuff out-of-the-way first.

I was waiting on Al to get home off the bus and I grabbed my camera  to  show you I can still have the Halloween kid in me even at middle age. Here are  a few photos and then some outdoor ones.

decorations 2decorationsghostmintThis is my mint. Orange and regular mint. It sill looks good but it is not growing so much now. The other photo with the blooms is dying now.summer flowers The photo of my big mum is in buds right now.mums Then there is the fall spider who made his home in my Christmas tree outside.spider in christmas treeflowered rake


Then we get to the serious part. Now promise me you won’t vomit, throw up, or puke. I have asked Hospice before and they have no ideas. I asked the M.S.A. web page, and they don’t know.

I mentioned this to you before but now I took a photo. I have seen this four times now when I get Al up. So this is a brief that ended up with this look. A dark circle is what I am questioning. What is it? Any one? He has no pain when this happens so this is good, but I still want to know since I still see it. Doctors? Nurses? Professionals, Friends, Neighbors?

Al's black spot on bed pad

Borrowed Time

Less free time

Schedules changed

Hurry, hurry, hurry

Get it all arranged


Made a Peanut butter cake

Swept the kitchen floors

Make my brother’s bed

And the list says more


Checking my emails

Trying to write a poem

Looking at my time

Because it is on loan

Laundry is done

Supper all laid out

I think I’m going to lay down

And nap before I pass out.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


On Borrowed Time 2