He Is The Light

red treesThere is no other

Feeling as exciting

As being with

My soul

My heart

My eyes take

In the beauty

God hath

Gifted me

I thank him

For only he

Could make

The sun shine

When I am

Standing alone

In the middle

Of storms

Only he knows

My thoughts

My fears

My struggles

So to let me

Know he is

By my side

He gifted me

The color

Of the reds

The smells of

The earth

After new rains

He is the light

That I will

Use to continue

My walk today.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


15 thoughts on “He Is The Light

  1. OOOOOO! this is my favorite poem that I have read of yours. For me, living in the desert, the beauty I see in the clouds, the sun set, the smell of mesquite, creosote and sage after a rain, the symmetry of the spines on a prickly pear pad or on a barrel cactus, the fragile hummingbird, etc. All remind me of God and his wonderfulness and that he is always present. Being outside to observe these things and praise God for them will wake me up out of a blue funk.


    • what beauty you are able to see on a daily basis. We all should make sure we see these little things. We don’t need a billboard with huge letters to know god is alive! hugs my friend


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