I Was Thrilled, I Had A Visitor

Being a Grandma was not always my highlight of traits. I love my Grandkids but I was not nor am I still the babysitting granny.

I can’t really blame anyone but myself I guess when it comes to visits or calls from any of them. I was never the one who called my kids begging to take care of the cuties.  I can’t fix it because I can not fix who I am deep down inside. I always tell myself that the reason I don’t like to baby sit is because I have had to do it since I was 10 years old.

Every day I didn’t have school I had to watch my sister. I had my first child at the age of 19. I feel so much guilt that I am not like other grandparents. I am the oddball, but when and if they come to visit, I am thrilled.

In fact one of my granddaughters came to visit me today to show me her costumes for trick-or-treating. She also brought me her very first school photo. I enjoyed this visit. It was wonderful. I gave her a big hug when she left and told her to come back. You don’t realize this, but she looks so much like I did when I was little. She and my daughter and one son look more like me, even if they don’t want to admit it. Really, it is a compliment as I was quite a looker when I was young.terry when she was little This is me and the next ones are her.

Hanna at Halloweenhanna at halloween 2hanna school photo

15 thoughts on “I Was Thrilled, I Had A Visitor

  1. I do see the resemblance, and you still have your looks!!! Don’t beat yourself up about the grandma thing either, Terry. I knew at a very young age that the married-with-kids life wasn’t for me, and as I was born in the ’70s, it wasn’t an issue for me to make that choice and go to college and have a career until I couldn’t anymore. Well, due to my health and the genetic aspect, it’s a good thing all around! Regardless, I often think women older than I didn’t always have that luxury. I’m sure you’re a very nice grandma and your grand kids aren’t complaining, but if you don’t bake cookies and apple pies (or whatever today’s grandmas do), so be it! 😀

    Hugs my friend, A


  2. I think grandchildren are the best, Terry. I almost raised my eldest, he’s almost 11 now, but after that I didn’t had the energy anymore, so the 2 little ones, I only see once or twice a week.
    I see the resembles of your granddaughter and you and that’s what I like in grandchildren too: to see yourself in them, not only outwards, but also inwards. Lovely little girl 🙂


    • I feel bad yet today that I am not one of those grandma babysitters. I can’t help it. I get real nervous when they are in my care, I love it when they are here with their parents. I sometimes think I am a bad woman for being this way


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