A Very Special Day, October 3rd Is Almost Upon Us

Monday morning has arrived. Al just got on the bus. I miss him already. I should be jumping up and down with joy. He has been home since Friday night. I haven’t been out of the house since Friday afternoon. So what is wrong with me?

Nothing really. I think when you are a caregiver and it is a part of your nature; it is easier to spend time with the patient/brother. I enjoy taking care of him. Sitting with him, holding his hands while he cries is also healing for me too as I still mourn the loss of our parents.

Wiping his mouth and fingers off as he has finished a sweet treat. Watching a TV program with him that he has seen over and over can somehow be a down time and relaxing at the same time.

Fixing his meals makes me feel needed. Standing and holding on to him while watching his feet working with great effort makes me weep inside and yet happy that I am the one walking with him through this wicked journey of M.S.A.

I guess in all I love being a caregiver as much as I love antiques. It is in my blood. So I miss him when he isn’t here.

October 3 is National M.S.A. find a cure day. http://www.msaawareness.org/?p=4353

For this day I want everyone to go to the link I provided and light a candle in honor of my brother, Al.

I am a ware that the cure will not happen in Al’s life time. But to save a life of another heart and soul so they do not have to suffer as Al has would give me great inner peace.

Also I am going to use a grape kool-aid package and mix it with enough water to make a paste. I am going to streak my hair purple. This is M.S.A.’s color of choice. Don’t worry the grape is supposed to wash out on the next washing. Well that’s at least what I have been told.

If you want to play it safe, you can always go spend a bit of money and have it done at your beauty shop. I would like all who are brave enough like me to do this in honor of Al also on that special day. I would also absolutely love it if you share a photo of yourself with your stripe and place it on this page so I can see it in the comments. Or you can go to my Face Book page and add it to;     https://www.facebook.com/terry.shepherd1

Now don’t forget my precious friends. October 3 is the day to upload a lighted candle on the link above and to place the color purple in your hair. If nothing else take a photo of yourself in a purple shirt and share with me. I do so care about this crippling disease.



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17 thoughts on “A Very Special Day, October 3rd Is Almost Upon Us

  1. Terry My Hsband has M S A at first they thought it was Parkinsons, but in January he was told it i

    This is an evil disease that takes our Loved ones from us alittle at a time. I Loved your Poem. alot of people have never heard of this disease and don’t really understand what it does to a person.


    • Hi Gaynor, You take the words right out of my mouth. Evil, takes a way our loved ones, and people don’t recognize it. My brother was diagnosed for five years with Parkinson’s. In March of this year he received the correct diagnosis. For us, it is a speedy move. I can remember just last month my brother could still stand and pivot. Now he can no longer stand for more than a few seconds. I hate this disease! Hugs my dear friend


  2. Terry, I clicked on the link. It says “You are sponsoring _____” with a woman’s name. Is Al’s name supposed to show up? I just want to support the right person. Sandy


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