I Have a Dream

emerald_river-1280x800I have a dream

I carry within my heart

It helps me to continue

While we are apart.

I have a dream

I see the stars

I see the moon

And every where you are.

I have a dream

I will see your face

I will touch your lips

Your love I shall taste.

I have a dream

No more lonely nights

No pillows with tears

Only joy and delight.

I have a dream

And this carries me through

Until the day arrives

And I am standing with you.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



25 thoughts on “I Have a Dream

      • I’ve given up on this kind of dream ever happening. I don’t think I even dream this kind of dream any more. More time for me to spend with my kids


      • I understand where you are coming from. The issue becomes magnetized when your kids grow up and move out and build their own lives, leaving you sitting there. All of a sudden the house feels empty and so does your heart. This is where I am at. Sure I take care of Al and I am crunched to death with sadness and death coming, but in my heart, there is a void that Al can not fill. The only one who could is a mate who thinks I am special and wants to spend time with me. We all want to be loved. I say this over and over, but it’s true. Even God made Eve for Adam because when he made Adam first, Adam got lonely. I am the same way. Busy, but lonely. Hugs my friend, you are a good friend to me


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