I Am Doing This For Al, My Brother

Tomorrow is officially National Multiple System Atrophy, (M.S.A.) It is a day to make others aware of this rare illness. To help the ill and families get the word out that WE want and WE NEED a cure.

We all know that most likely Al won’t be able to be helped by a cure, BUT we can be very involved. We can help others not to suffer like Al has.  Me as his sister and caregiver, the M.S.A. support groups, my friends here and on Face Book; everyone is doing their part to get the word out.

Since Al won’t be able to go to Day Program tomorrow on the day of awareness he and I decided to start today. He wasn’t feeling well this morning so his photo was not taken in his purple shirt. I did my hair and am wearing purple.

I am asking all of you to go to the M.S.A. site      https://www.facebook.com/Miracles.for.MSA     and light a candle. There is a section there to place Al’s name. If you want to donate to M.S.A. in honor of Al or someone you know with this terrible disease, please do, but no pressure from me.

So here it is, our day here, starting today helping make everyone aware of M.S.A.

purple balloonsme purplepurple balloons 2Purple Balloons_fullpurple candles

15 thoughts on “I Am Doing This For Al, My Brother

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