I Need To Talk To You

I need to talk to you God

I know you are watching

With tears in your eyes

As this beautiful  earth splits from the skies

The news is not good

Your people are lost

Fighting, poverty and greed

At what price and what cost

Oh Lord I know you are waiting

For all eyes to fall upon you

Other than praying Lord

What can I do

How can I help

Those who do not see

That it is you we should follow

And not that of greed

I hear of shootings

And terrible  crashes

Innocent children

And parents bashing

Women being beaten

And children being whipped

Men losing their pride

As jobs are  being ripped

Oh Lord I can see what

Is happening today

But I am one voice

And I no longer know what to say.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



15 thoughts on “I Need To Talk To You

  1. All things work together for good,
    For them that love The Lord,
    And are called according to His purpose.
    How can any of this
    Not be of His plan?
    And who are we
    To judge the motives
    Of a God


      • It is the through redemption of the broken,
        The salvation of the damned,
        And the hope of the broken
        That glory is manifest.
        Man was ransomed from death,
        Blood paid on the debt
        Of the wicked.
        Now we have been sanctified.
        If we were bought,
        Dirty and broken,
        And now sanctified through blood,
        Will we not be cared for?
        Does the bird in the tree
        It the fish in the river
        Worry for the meal of the morrow?
        We should boast of our misery,
        For through it,
        Christ is glorified
        All the more.


    • We live in this world together. Your problems become entwined with mine and mine with yours. I am sure we share many of the same issues. Thanks so much Ramisa. Hugs


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