Temporarily Nutso

Can you believe that I am just now posting my first blog today? Yes, I pressed a few articles this morning, but to chat with you I have not. I think it is a first for me. Well my friends gather near and get ready to do a visual in your mind. Here I am, Ms. Innocent, minding my own business.betty boop

Yesterday was not really a bad at all. Other than tears and the usual pains, Al was pretty good. I had a nice calm day. It got later and it was time to give Al his snacks and his medications.

After he finished I changed him and put him in bed, said goodnight and don’t let the bed bugs bite. I turned the ceiling fan off and the lights and headed down the hall to my bathroom.

My hall to my bathroom is dim. It has little miniature lights that put off a soft glow. They are little cows and horses. Yeah, they are so cute. Well anyways, I was barefoot, which is very rare with my bad diabetic feet. farm animals

I went in my bathroom and was sitting on the throne. I was just looking around and then I noticed something at the edge of the doorway. Right where I had just walked past in my bare feet.

It was a spider. Oh my gosh, a spider!spiders_4aI freaked. I hurried and finished my business. If it isn’t a tree-toad in my toilet water it is now a spider. I don’t know how these two buggers got in but they are not welcome. I looked around because I was too scared to walk out the door now with that huge thing standing in the way.

Yes, in my eyes he was huge. I may be taller and bigger but he was huge in my vision. I grabbed my hair spray can. I got as close as I dare get and sprayed him. That sucker jumped and ran for my bedroom door.

Oh no you don’t. I am going to bed. You are not welcome in my room under any circumstances.

I ran past him without thinking and grabbed my fly swatter. Racing back to him I knew that I had stunned him with my frozen stiff spray. I went to swat him and I missed. That stupid sucker jumped again and this time he went under my dresser.

Now I was on a mission. It was him die or me, and it was going to be him. I had nothing at all to defend myself so I just kept swatting at the darkness hoping to bop him a good one. I saw him, YES, I see you and now I am going to beat you down. I swatted a good one. Strike! You are out. I was chalking one up for me.

You have to realize by now it is almost one am and I have to be up with Al in the morning so he can get on the bus. My bedroom lights are not bright. I have a lot of low glows in my room. I like a soft-looking room, a comfy look.moon 5

I looked up after I crushed him and there was Rhino looking at me.Β  What a lazy cat. He should have had his rear down here smacking that spider silly instead of me. For heaven’s sakes, I have to get up in the morning.rhino on Alvin's bed

I got up and went into the bathroom to get a nice big wad of toilet paper to dispose of the hideous creature. When I got back you will not believe this. That spider was gone. Oh no, I can’t go to bed with a spider on the loose.

Now I was on the war path. I went and got my big tomahawk flashlight. Guaranteed to locate anything in hiding. I looked and I looked but nothing. Where was he, he had to be dazed and dizzy as much hair spray as I had given him. I had even sprayed him with Glade air freshener. So he was dazed but at least he smelled good.

Well nothing and by now it is almost two am. I had to be up in six hours. I had no choice but to go to bed. I asked God to keep that creature a way from me, but just to help myself too, I left the lights on all night and my big flashlight and my fly swatter in hands.

When I woke up this morning I was still holding my weapons and I was tired. It was time to get Al up. I woke up about five minutes before the alarm went off. I cursed the alarm. I wanted more sleep.

I got Al up and fiddled on the computer while the shower girl gave him his shower. Then I had some coffee and a doughnut stick. I got dressed and as soon as I waved goodbye to Al on the bus, I was off to the grocery store. On the weekends it is hard to get out because it is difficult to take Al out, so I try to get everything in hand before he hops off the bus on Friday nights.

I came home and put everything a way. Then I started the JOB. The job of cleaning every nook and cranny looking for the hopefully dead spider. I cleaned the corners, the cobwebs, anywhere a sweeper or hose could reach. I moved my little pieces of furniture.

Nothing, no spider, nada, zip, zero. He was gone or the cat ate him. I was just putting the last of the loose ends a way when it was time to get Al off the bus. A day shot to the winds. No blogging, no goofing off, no chatting. But the good thing is; my room is spotless. But, where is the spider? Will I see him tonight?


41 thoughts on “Temporarily Nutso

  1. Next time you need to do your Ninja moves, clearly you will get your spider….
    Sorry πŸ™‚ I do not like spiders either but i do not mind them and that one seemed to be a big one. I would have had trouble sleeping knowing he was around. We had lots of beautiful webs the other morning. We do not have huge spiders here though phew!


  2. this is so funny! i am also not a spider fan. i have 3 cats, the male is a big guy and very sensitive, one of the girls has beautiful long hair and seems the perfect southern belle. we get the occasional spidie in our house and i will not step on one. one night as i sat watching t.v. i caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye. jumped to my feet and investigated. my rascal was there beside me and we are looking at each other. our eyes go to the spider then to each other. in my head i thought he was saying i should kill it and i was telling him that he was the cat so he should kill it.. just then chloe walks by, looks at the spider, looks at us, then smacks the spider AND EATS IT!! admiration mixed with horrified realization. maybe you need a female cat to protect you:)


    • I think you are right Sandy. Rhino is all male. Big, fat, and lazy. Males love to be loved on and spoiled, He was not going to get off his duff and help the one who spoils him!! LOL Your cat ate the spider! Yuck, I hope it tasted good. We have too many spiders this time of year. I think more because I am surrounded by trees. What ever the reason, they aren’t welcome in my house!!!! LOL


  3. Terry, you made me laugh as I’ve been dealing with a similar issue for 2 days, but a gigantic roach as I’m down in the SW. Spiders are so creepy, but I’m from Seattle (land o’ spiders) and know how to deal with them, while screaming and standing 10′ away. Up in the Pac NW, they hide in towels, the sheets, climb onto your shoulder while you sit on the sofa, or if you walk outside, one will just land on you as they dangle from the pine trees. Oh, I have the creeps thinking about my near 30 up there!

    On the other hand, huge roaches seem to run 100 mph, survive nuclear wars, and then throw in my low vision and the brown flooring in here and you can only imagine! The worst is last night, while the roach ran across the room in the middle of the night and hid somewhere (nocturnal like I am), I found its mate, roach #2, climbing into the sink as I did the dishes! It took 10 minutes to get that thing down the drain and into the disposal, and who knows if it’s clinging to the side of the drain still or was ground to smithereens. Off I went to Walmart tonight to get roach baits. Ugh! I’m so clean but in a building like this, they get in.

    Per the spider, hairspray is good as it’s non-toxic to humans/pets (and my cat was useless too). It probably slowly died and who knows if you’ll ever find it. Eewww. πŸ™‚
    A xoxo


    • When I lived in Florida my neighbors introduced me to the Palmetto bug, roach. They advised me to use foil and put it on sink plugs and tubs. I did that and never had one in my house. They come up through the water pipes because they need the water to survive. Have you tried this? If not try it. I haven’t seen the spider since, thank goodness


      • Thanks! I haven’t done that because I’ve seen them come in under the door (from the hallway here) and via the light fixtures, but I do know they come up through the drains so worth a shot. What a pain as I use the kitchen/bath sink all the time. Ugh! These are huge like the ones I saw while living in Mexico, so they don’t nest to my knowledge, but just creepy. No sightings on my end, either, but the baits are pretty good. Oh, we both got a scare! Gross!
        ((Hugs)) A


      • those palmetto roaches are pretty darn big and they can fly. they don’t do much inside but look nasty. they live in palm trees so if you have any near your house that is where they are coming from


  4. I don’t like spiders either. I am hugely “spiderphobic” and we cannot coexist in the same room. I do think cats will eat them if they get the chance, Another good reason to keep my 3 cats around. πŸ™‚ I have heard that we are never more than 6 feet away from a spider. That creeps me out big time.


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