I Did A Bad Thing In Al’s Eyes

Last night things were going pretty smooth here at home with Al and his illness. It came time to get his bedtime snack and medications. I popped in to ask him what he wanted and he was asleep.

It took a few moments to get him to actually wake him up. He let me know what he was hungry for and I went and got everything ready. He ate and I played on the computer so I could hear if he needed me.

He had been watching Highway To Heaven, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Highway_to_Heaven.

When he rang his bell to let me know he was finished I went in and decided to sit down and chat with him for a while before getting him ready for bed. It was then that everything changed.

I sat down in his wheel chair and he looked at me and his face instantly changed. He went from sober faced to crying big tears. It threw me off guard for sure. I immediately asked, ” What’s the matter bud? Why the tears?”

” You are sitting on God.”

” What, what did you say?

” You are sitting on God. He is sitting right there. He is telling me I am being stubborn.”

I immediately jumped up from the chair and took a seat on his bed. Now granted, I didn’t really think I was sitting on God’s lap, but instincts kicking in, I jumped right a way.  I asked,” What did God tell you again?”

” He just told me I am being stubborn. He said I won’t close my eyes and let him take me to heaven.”

Wow, I was speechless. First I was sitting on God and then I evidently interrupted a very important conversation. Al was calm, then crying, then hysterical. He was screaming loud enough that I had to close his bedroom window for fear of neighbors thinking I may be over here beating Al or some crazy thing.

I actually don’t know if I said it right, did it right, or what ever I was supposed to actually do but I remember using explanations of what could actually be happening.

” Bud, you were sleeping when I came in here. You were probably dreaming. Al it is the show. It is sad and it is about God, maybe we should change the channel and watch Pawn Stars. Bud, maybe it is Satan trying to fool your mind, getting you all upset.”

This is when he let loose on me. He looked at me with big eyes and with the strongest voice I have heard in some time he said, ” No, I am not confused. God was here. You sat on him and now he is gone. He told me I am being stubborn.”

Well, I wasn’t going to argue any points. He was adamant on what he saw and heard. How can I judge or argue anyways? He is the one closer to seeing God than I am, I think.

It took quite a while to get Al settled down enough for me to think I could safely put him to bed. He went through two hankies before I got him into bed.

Finally I got him to stand up and I changed him and placed him in bed. He was correctly positioned and I asked him if he needed anything else. He told me, ” No, I am fine but do me a favor. Don’t sit on God anymore.”

I turned the lights off and left the room. I felt a little spooked inside. I didn’t know what to think. I went straight to bed and lay there in the dark trying to digest what had just taken place.

I don’t know what happened, but I was happy this morning when Al rang his bell letting me know he was ready to get up.

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39 thoughts on “I Did A Bad Thing In Al’s Eyes

  1. Terry, God is a God of peace; not disorder. So whenever Al says things that seem questionable like this, ask yourself how Al is acting. Is he peaceful? If he isn’t then God wasn’t sitting there. Peace is one of the best ways God leads us. And remember, the devil masquerades in disguise. I am sure it is very difficult trying to figure out what Al is doing, but then again I wouldn’t sit on God!


    • me either. I know I didn’t sit on God. I wondered if it was Satan in disguise. I think Al had been dreaming prior and then the show that was on. God is good, I agree. The problem is Al’s mentally challenged mind. Over and over I am told by friends, professionals, and the doctors that Al is more aware of things than we are because he is mentally challenged and more innocent. I don’t know what happened, but I won’t argue with him because after all, I am not God


      • Terry, God may show Al things we or you don’t see because God is merciful. But, that doesn’t mean the enemy isn’t attacking. Maybe this helps because I have been praying so much about our nation and the leaders who seem to be in a state of no-man-land. The devil always makes a show of himself. He advertises his evil as if to reveal to the world he is winning; but he isn’t. Wherever he is, so is God. In other words, God is there with Al. And more so than the enemy and that is where we as Christians need to focus albeit difficult. You are dealing with this wonderfully. Who knows what God may do; he is using you both mightily.


  2. Terry, you stayed calmed and were patient, and that’s just what he needed. You have a terribly difficult job, but you are doing amazingly well. Don’t forget to take care of yourself too.


  3. You eplied to him so wonderfully and calmly, I admire you. There is nothing else you could say. Al is talking to God, which is good, he is close to him, and for him He is sitting somewhere, you just didn’t know. It is I guess easier for Al to imagine a conversation with him face to face. You are good Terry!


    • thanks Ute. It was a difficult conversation because I wanted to defend myself saying I was not sitting on God, but I did move from the seat. Al is seeing different things than I am. I can not prove what he is and not seeing and hearing and I won’t argue with him because I could be wrong. I will find out on judgement day


  4. Terry, this is a touching story, but remember, if Al grew weary and upset with you more than likely it’s the work of the devil. God is a peacemaker, and He would never have encouraged Al’s behavior as being crossed, especially with you, his loving sister and caregiver.


    • thanks so much dear friend. Only Al and who ever was there knows the truth, but I really feel I did not sit on God, but to argue with Al would have caused so much grief for him and a bigger mess to deal with for me


  5. I recall that my Dad had moments that were best observed and not for comment. He also saw God. It’s okay I think. Hey, I wish I would actually see God and have Him direct me by His Strong Voice.
    – Eric


  6. The Lord would not say the things that Al claims He said. That is for sure. Try playing some Bible readings for you and Al during the day for Al. You can find it here for free. Just let it play in the background.


    You may find a lot of this stuff clears up. Also it can be used by the Holy to bring peace and a feeling of security for Al and yourself. Lord bless you.


    • thank you so much Rob. I am not sure what Al said that is so wrong. He was saying that Jesus came to him and said he is not wanting to go to heaven with him. He also said Jesus told him he would not be here at Christmas. Is this so wrong?


  7. He didn’t imagine it, he was and is closer to Jesus presence than we are… the spirit world which we go to, our heavenly home, is right here! We are separated by a veil, and you should trust Al! He’s not hallucinating Terry~ Xo


    • thank you, I am a little confused. I believe as you say, but others say it could not be from God, but maybe even Satan. this scares me because I believe God is good. Al wasn’t afraid, he was scared I would hurt Jesus by sitting on him


    • thank you Share. I always thought that nothing is impossible. God can show himself, or we can hear him, and then people come along and tell me it is not God, but Satan, it ruins my belief. I don’t mean this to sound cruel or cold, but I have always believed that with God anything is possible, even coming to see Al


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