Open Your Heart And Join Me in Prayer

I  hear all kinds of things in one day. Birds singing, cats meowing, TV chatter. The ring of a bell coming from Al. Washer humming, dryer singing. Trucks, cars and planes. So many noises murmur and surround us every single minute.

How do we end up tuning in on what is needed to hear and what is needless chatter? Have you ever been in the presence of another person talking and you really aren’t listening? I have. I have even been guilty of some how muttering answers and not even knowing the question that was asked of me.

Do you believe everything you hear? I know I don’t. What about when it is a very important person talking, do you tune in then? That is what I am doing right now, listening without actually tuning in.

The President is on the voice box and I am listening but am I taking it all in? How can I? I have been told so many different things I don’t know what it truth anymore and what isn’t. You hear others speaking. I hear my friends voice opinions. I hear the news. I read the articles.

I think I am more confused today than ever. A government shut-down, is something I just don’t understand. Oh, I know the consequences of what can happen to us that try to live our ordinary lives. I know that the poor will hurt more, the homeless will remain longer. The starving may not find that one scrap of food.

But who wins? I don’t know the answers anymore. I guess I will just have to pray harder that God places his hand deep inside the hearts and souls of us Americans. I  pray that peace will come over. Decisions will be made for the people’s best interest.

Only God knows the truth of why this is happening, and how the outcome will be. Let us all join together and hold hands and  pray  that this problem will be solved with no one being hurt through the process.That the truth shall be heard and seen. Hugs.purple candlesAnimatedCandleThoughtandPrayersbook4


15 thoughts on “Open Your Heart And Join Me in Prayer

  1. You know I don’t understand that shutdown either and I am just hoping it does not affect you Americans . Will it help America to save money? I don’t understand politics anyway. Still we can pray as God understands us!


  2. I appreciate you putting this out there…it is a silly battle of the wills..bullies playing with peoples lives. This is the time to gather about and care for those we can and extend the hand. I know I have food in my possession to give to another who is hungry. Or the sweater that I have to keep another warm, I have more sweaters. So much we can do and I think you have a great idea to start with prayer….


    • what you say is exactly how each of us should feel. We need to help each other and not be so dependent on government to help. Of course there are those who need the help, no doubt, but then there are others who waste every cent whether rich or poor or in politics. thank you for an awesome comment


  3. Terry, I wish that prays will help the poor, sick and homeless – but they don’t – all the years of suffering to so many people around our world – and nothing has changed … it’s only people that can do those changes! And we together can do those change … look what happen in South Africa when people stood united. And it us that can put pressure on our governments. Sorry to be bold.


    • You are not bold, you speak the truth, but I believe God can do something. These are the times when I question the higher ground as the world continues to get worse. hugs my friend. Hope you are feeling better this morning


      • Terry, people has been praying for changes so long as we have been on this earth and nothing has changed .. what so ever. I think it’s truly wonderful that people have their faith – but I don’t think we can expect any help from above to change our world and our mind setting – that we have to do all on our own and by standing united.
        Sadly I’m not feeling any better … same pain and discomfort – it was one day of relief … it was nice at the time. Thanks for asking.


  4. *hugs* I would also say pray for the elderly, the sick, the young and everyone in between. I’ve heard a lot of bad news from close friends lately and the best I can do it be there for them as much as possible.


  5. Coming in late on this one, as usual. I’d just like to point out that the President who allowed the government to slow down–it was NOT a complete shutdown, only the things he knew would upset us the most–has just agreed to give–GIVE, not loan, 8 billion dollars to Iran.

    How could we not keep our parks and memorials open, if we have that kind fo money to give to our enemies?

    Not trying to start a nasty discussion here. I will not respond to ugly or name-calling posts. I do think what I have asked here is a legitimate question.


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