19 thoughts on “Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge, Week 5

      • If you don’t already know, I believe there is a DNA testing kit … his coloring and face seem to make me think he might be! Google the Russian Blues and see what you think!! 😀


      • well he does look exactly like the cats I see on google. I am color blind so I don’t know if he has the blue black fur or not. I do know that he is very talkative and always acts like he understands every word I say. Rhino is very smart, and I am not saying this because he is mine, he is just smart. what do you think? the search says the males weight is 15 but Rhino weighs 25


      • In my limited experience with this wonderful breed — they are very very smart, talkative, and intuitive … from the photo he does seem to have the color fur, eye color, and head shape of the males I have seen. As far as weight — he may be “fluffy”. Has he had a recent checkup to make sure nothing is going on to cause his weight to be over 20? I think just as humans — we come in all shapes and sizes. 😀 He is a lovely being.


      • I went in and examined his hair , lol, I did see it is shiny on the tips. He talks to my brother and me all the time. It is amazing. He seems to think I know what he is saying. He has very thick hair, and like a double coat around his neck area. It takes a lot to get a cat comb through the thickness. He has had a check up and he is very healthy.


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