Wedding Vows

Wedding Vows

I come to you

My groom

I promise to

Love you

For all times

I promise to


Although I

Don’t agree

I  promise to

Stand by you

No matter

What tails may wag

I promise to love

You more than

I love you today

This very minute

I promise to

Make you feel

Always as


As you are today

I promise this, I do.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd




13 thoughts on “Wedding Vows

  1. Hi Terri
    I have been keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. It stays crazy busy for Jim and me these days. I have scrambled for time to write. I have been working on my website some today and hope to have new writings up and posted soon!

    I wanted to tell you that I have created a Facebook Page “Thoughts From The Porch”. This page is created with the concept of people gathering on the porch to share their stories, poems, favorite faith quotes, scriptures, testimonies, recipes…anything uplifting…it is a way for people to minister to one another. If you are on Facebook, check it out and “like” it. Feel free to share a story or words of encouragement. Invite your friends to check it out as well.

    I hope you are having a blessed day!


    • Hi April! I did go and like your page!!! Keeping yourself busy keeps you out of trouble!! LOL or that is what my grandma used to always tell me when she wanted me to weed the garden!


      • Ha! LOL!
        Yes, been working on my website today…making some changes. I gotta get to writing!!

        I have an unspoken prayer request.


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