fall colorsFall

How can something like this

Be dying and yet consist

To bring joy to the eye

It can’t possibly die

For death is so sad

But here I am glad

I am thankful for seasons

And I do not need reasons

I’ll just enjoy the fall

Before the first snows call.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



19 thoughts on “Fall

    • I think it can be very beautiful when there has been so much suffering. I agree Mona. Missing our loved ones is normal, but rejoicing in the knowledge that God has taken all suffering a way is very beautiful. Thanks Mona, this is a great comment! hugs


  1. For those non-evergreen species,it is actually the flowering of the tree’s beauty, as all of the colors manifest themselves, instead of just the green. Yes, the leaves fall, like those who age, but do we fail to see what really happens? The tree does not die, it goes through a testing, just as we ourselves must undergo testings. It emerges in spring- if it endures that testing time- vibrant, ready for abundant living.


    • you are so right with your comment. My son has allergies to fall season. I learned many years ago that a tiny worm eats at the root and helps force the leaves to fall. this was my son’s allergy. Life is so balanced in nature, much better balanced than us humans. Year after year trees live, produce and live again . Great comment Kerry


    • thanks Angels. I woke up to a cool morning but with plenty of sunshine. My son is coming down today and he is going to smoke a Turkey. We are supposed to put up the Christmas tree for Al. You have a great day also my friend


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