Christmas At Our House

In bringing Christmas to Al I have spent a lot of time in his room today since he is home. Pulling out boxes and bags, looking for Coca Cola Christmas items. He was so engrossed with what I was bringing out the tears stopped.

When I first started bringing him things he cried. Each new piece, brought more tears. Then I started pulling out items he has not seen since he has been home from the Nursing Home. The tears slowed. I decorated his room with greenery and before the afternoon was over I had completely transformed his room into Christmas. Reds and Christmas music floated around him.

Holiday Snoopy, Charlie Brown stuffed animal that plays Merry Christmas, a musical globe with the traditional Christmas colors all lightened his spirit. I told him that since he didn’t think he would be here for Christmas I was going to prove to him that he was here for Christmas by bringing it to him.

Mickey Mouse is playing his horn. The ramp I push Al down in the mornings and afternoons are all decorated with silver tinsel and red bows. I found Christmas music on U Tube and our house has turned from death to gaiety.

It is sort of odd. The house is quiet from family and kids and yet there is a peace that is  flowing through our house as Al smiled at me as he looks at his collections of red, greens and sparkles in his room with music playing softly in the background. It is truly Christmas inside our house and Al isn’t missing a thing.christmaschristmas 2oct 13 13purple candles


35 thoughts on “Christmas At Our House

  1. You are a wonderful person. Bringing Christmas to others is why we’re here and we’re supposed to do that everyday of the year. God bless you both.


  2. Terry, you’re the best sibling a person could ever have…..tell your brother “Merry Christmas”! And, I think it would be great to ask all your friends and family to send him Christmas cards. Giving him something to do and look forward to.


  3. Thank you for bringing Christmas to him. I wish I had thought of that the last few months of my mom’s life. Please tell al that there are people that love and care about him. Even though they have never met him. Do you have Christmas cards from years ago to display? That may make it feel even more like Christmas. If not I’m sure you can ask for early Christmas cards. We all need to keep the spirit.


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