Daily Prompt; Honorific

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October 16th is officially declared “Person X Day” — and you get to pick Person X. Tell us about someone who deserves to be commemorated.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us HONOR.

This is almost too difficult for me to write. Why? Because I can think of many who should be commemorated. I am going to go off the top of my head, and stare down at the moments in front of me right here, today and now. This is how I will choose my list.

Betty Whitebetty, no matter how bad my day is; I look forward to her helping me to release my stress. I can guarantee she will bring me much laughter,  providing me a good night’s rest.

Maxine,Maxine she is a hoot. You have to understand that in my house a fog of death lingers, so I will steal laughter from where ever I can.

Rhino,rhino on Alvin's bed I can always guarantee a warm welcome. A fuzzy nose, a kiss on the cheek. He never argues with me. He doesn’t use hateful words to put me down. He loves me unconditionally.

God,jesus_in_heaven.jpg I can never go wrong. He is the reason I was born and still living here. I will leave this earth when I have completed the job he put me here. When no one else listens, he does. He loves me no matter how I look or sound.

These are just for today. Each day I could find new people who made my day special.

In the end though when it comes down to it, my WP friends all make a big impact on me. No, I am not trying to kiss your rear end. Honest! I am speaking the truth. If it weren’t for you who else would listen to me ramble on?

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; Honorific

  1. Terry – Isn’t it wonderful how so many make our days special. I also count my wordpress friends as special. I’ve had many days (especially after Tom’s had a particularly difficult night) and I’ll come to my office and find a message from one of my wordpress friends and then all seems right with the world. I don’t have to tell you just how tough it is when that cloud of death hoovers over your house and the depression that can consume your every waking moment if you allow it. Hang tough my friend. You are indeed a special woman. Your day will come.


    • Why is it that you seem to understand, only you get it how the death fog consumes every crevice inside these walls? It tries so hard to suck me in, but with God I fight. Al has been on huge crying spells now for 72 hours. I can’t afford to speak of his tears over and over in fear people will run and hide. But inside these walls,,,,,,,,,,is an invisible morgue


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