M.S.A. and the Old Lady in the Shoe

The Old Lady

There was an old lady

Who lived in a shoe

She took care of Al

And sometimes boo-hooed

I must have slave

Written all over my face

Because when he speaks

I begin to race

I get so tired of

Speeding around

I just want to scream

And throw myself to the ground

I know he is ill

And my heart bleeds I swear

But give me a break

So I can breathe in new air.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd




13 thoughts on “M.S.A. and the Old Lady in the Shoe

  1. This is lovely Terry. Well written and I can completely understand where you are coming from. I know you love him, and you wouldn’t change him for the world, but sometimes … Just remember the good moments, Terry. There have been a fair few of them in the last could of months. Think about them


  2. This is so heart-touching ….. Terry, this is SO you. You have just touched my heart and soul.
    I try to understand how it is to be in your situation and I wish I could share your burden, but I’m not able to come even close to the truth of your situation. You have created magic with this post .. about your difficult and tough situation.
    You are just doing right through cherrish the good moments – but I know how tough that can be …. when there is so much less of them. You’re in my thoughts.


    • Hi Vivi. How are you today. Life has been rough here the past couple of days. Al has spent much of his waking time crying for no reason. Just part of the illness. I will be glad when this passes and he is smiling again. Hugs my friend


  3. Terry – As caregivers we have much on our plate. Often times the sides are over-flowing and we don’t know which way to turn first. Like you, there’s times I want to throw up my hands and say, “no more, please, I can’t take anymore.” But then, I have to find the rational side of myself that loves Tom unconditionally and know this gentle, loving man would do the same thing for me if our roles were reversed. I’m sending love and hugs Terry. I so wish I could lighten your burden but I also know you and I know we are on first. Take care my friend. I know I haven’t been around much lately. My hand and arm therapy was to start this past Monday but because my body hasn’t recovered all the blood that’s required, I have to go through another round of treatment on that front. Oh, me – does this never end. You don’t need to answer that, dear one. You have more than enough problems of your own.


    • You and I do know what it is like to be always on first. We are the branches to the trunk. We will never regret our decisions, but we do get tired. Thank goodness for naps and bed times. I hope you will begin to start your much needed therapy soon. It is nice to chat with you again. You bring comfort to me through your words because I know without a doubt; you understand


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