My Day With The Camera

Today I had to go get my shoes that I got for my diabetic feet. It sure feels good to have my sore toes in something more comfy. I took a few photos while I was out and then when I got home I was straightening up the last of Al’s things before he got home and ran across a couple of old photos of him when he was young.

I knew without a doubt that all of my friends would want to see what a cutie he was years ago, he still is, but in a different way. So here is what I saw today.

oct 16 2oct 16 3oct 16 4Al when he was littleoct 16 5oct. 16

25 thoughts on “My Day With The Camera

      • I try to spend a few minutes each day also, the time slips by without me noticing when I am with the camera. Does a macro lens fit on my camera? If so are they expensive


      • Well Al, I have learned my camera won’t hold an extra lens. I did learn that I have macro built into mine and I found different ISO’s. I am disappointed though. I looked at all the prices for cameras so that I can use a macro lens and I guess it will remain a dream unless I can locate a used one that works. thanks for all of your help


  1. I can relate to this …. that a walk with the little camera is a great escape – great shots and I would call them wicked too. Black squirrel, never seen that before. Keep on taking walks with your camera.


    • We have a lot of black squirrels where I live. They are more forward and a little mean but adorable. I appreciate the great comment you have given to me!! hugs my friend and hope your day is going alright


    • my new shoes make my feet feel so much nicer. Less pain, they are handmade and fit to my terrible feet. When I took them off for the evening, all the tingling and pain came back right a way. Thank you for loving my photos Sheri!


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