A Nice Surprise

After two days of mainly crying from Al I got the nicest surprise tonight. I walked in to change him and put him in bed and he looked up at me and smiled. He smiled. My heart jumped or skipped a beat. It is amazing that such a tiny thing can boost my spirits up so high. Now I will be greedy and hope I see one in the morning also.

M.S.A. you suck you know

You put my brother to an all time low

You take from him what he has had

You have made him feel so terribly bad

You have chewed him up and left a hole

You have even left him with no goals

I detest you, and I even hate your name

You never played fair, to you this was a game

I know there is no cure for right now

But I promise you will vanish, this I vow

For others you have sneaked in and made your home

But some day soon you will be all alone

For some are working long, long hours

And soon us humans will have the power

To cheer to jump to smile and scream

For finally we have realized our dream.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd

Oct. 18, 2103oct13 10


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