Dedicated to; Whisperingleavesblog

Silence is Golden

There is a time

I yearn for

When most are quiet

The children sleep

The jails are full

God’s creatures are resting

The streets are silent

The air is still

But up on the hill

There is light

A golden glow

Whispering voices

Faces with smiles

A gathering of all

Who come in wonder

For this is the morn

The day of awe

When my Jesus was raised

On Easter morning.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd




5 thoughts on “Dedicated to; Whisperingleavesblog

  1. Wonderful Terry, in rest, returning and quietness shall our strength be! No on took or stole our Lord’s life from him, he laid it down freely for us and in the Resurrection gives the spoils of his victory to you, Al, me and whoever wants a share. No wonder nature and the world hold its breath on Easter Day. Going to re blog this now, a beautiful gift from a beautiful soul!


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