The Ambulance Came

Missing You

Eyes are wet

Tears are falling

Word are spoken

Soul has sorrow

We are apart

Vacation I’d say

This is the best

Describing I say

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


Al just left for a few days. I know it is good for him and me. Maybe once again they can stop his tears. Maybe I can get some rest. All I know for sure is I hear all your words of comfort, but I miss him already.purple candlesHPIM0219dscf4163




46 thoughts on “The Ambulance Came

  1. I know that you will find this time easier, and I know full well what your biggest fear is. He will come back to you though Terry. He will come back and you will be rested and stronger and able to deal with him more.



  2. Understand your fear. Has anyone told you lately that you are a beautiful woman…physically I mean? Please don’t take it the wrong way I know your heart is beautiful but you, yourself are quite beautiful. Every woman needs to be told once in a while no matter who says it! Hugs


  3. The good Lord,and we, your friends, will always be at your side. I am honored by the fact, that you have shared your good days, and not so good ones with me. You are a very strong person. You have taught me what courage is all about. We continue to lift you up in prayer. My best to you and Al. Blessings.


  4. *hugs* terry you are a wonderful caring sister, but you are not superwoman and need a break. Rest your weary head. *hugs* I got news today that a good friend of mine was given 2 yrs because he’s in the advanced stages of emphysema. He has a 3 yr old daughter. Life is so very precious. Please make sure al knows he is loved. And please know you are loved. Because in the end that’s all that really matters. *hugs*


    • I try to always let Al know how special he is. He doesn’t think he is so it is like beating my head against the rock. I am just resting today. Maybe tomorrow I will get out a bit. Wasn’t your friend expected to live this long that makes it good news?


  5. Dear beautiful, loving Terry,
    I simply don’t have the words, although my heart knows and my soul knows…I have to reach out to you from there, if at all possible. Close your eyes, still your heart and let me give you my strength that way…please…Al is in the arms of love, as are you…I know, the fear is overwhelming, I have been there..and no, that does not help you now, I know that….it did not help me either at this point…you, like me, will continue to fight in courage and honesty for the person that you love…who would not? the only peace you will find, I know myself, is the simple peace of loving your brother…the simple peace of memories of your lives, the simple peace of grace, which will come soon…I know that you will hold your brother’s hand, always and forever, and he knows that as well, and is holding onto yours as well Terry, always and forever…you and Al journey this together…and I can’t tell you how important that is…you are in pain, I know what that pain is like to live..and the helplessness is unbearable…I know that too…and none of that helps you right now, I know that too…close your eyes, still your heart….Al loves you, that will never change….you love Al, that will also never change…close your eyes, still your heart, and open your heart and reject fear…I am here Terry…any time for any reason, you know that….


    • reading your comment welled my eyes with tears. I miss him so much today and yet I know we need our break. I just want to win this battle of M.S.A. and deep inside I know I will lose, but he will win. He will be with God and our parents, but I will miss him so much


    • there is something about white trees. Last year I had all blue lights on it. then right before Christmas Day they burnt out! at the last minute I had to replace them and all I could find was these pastels. They aren’t bad but I like white lights the best then blues. I am being so lazy today. Haven’t even got out of my P.J.’s yet


  6. Terry – I knew if I scrolled far enough I would find you among my blogs to read. It’s hard isn’t it – those sounds of silence. They have a way of making us hope and wish for them when we don’t have them and think we’ll never have a moment to ourselves again and then – bang – we have a bit of time graciously given and suddenly we’re overcome with what should I have done differently. Tom is asleep around 18 to 20 hours a day now and often I sit beside him and read aloud just in case he can hear my voice. I read to him from some of my journals that I’ve kept faithfully over the years. I look for the good times and try to set the mood with music in the background and perhaps fresh flowers for whatever the story is and sometimes I can engage him enough to actually get him to eat a few bites. May you have a blessed weekend. You and Al are, as always, in my thoughts and prayers.


    • HI Sheri, Al sleeps about that many hours each day too, sometimes more. I am at that pin point right now. I hate the quiet. I wish he was here. When he is here, i wish for quiet. I can’t have my cake and icing both. I realize I need a break and so does Al, so I will walk through this new feeling. I always wish I could do more, something new, something to snap this illness a way, but I fight a losing battle as I try to stay upbeat; yet inside screaming because I can’t win. Hugs my dear friend


      • Terry – I had to comment and tell you I was thinking of you today. I often find the weekend days the hardest of all. How are you this Saturday night. I’m the girl without the right dress to wear to the prom. It’s prom weekend in our city and we have 2 universities and 1 college for a town of 55,000. All three are having homecoming this weekend and of course it takes me back years ago. Think I’ll go put on some easy listening music and grab the two cuddle button shih tzus and hunker down for the night. Stay well my friend. We can virtually hold hands as we walk through that which God has given us to carry.


      • If you were here Sheri, I would be crying, not other than the reason that you understand. I have been weepy today, not really good company and I can’t seem to bounce myself around the other direction


      • Terry – Crying is allowed. It doesn’t matter that we are grown women. We’ve both endured alot in our lives and what’s ahead could very well be the biggest hurdle either of us have had to face. My e-mail is listed at the top of my blog. If you would like to send me your address – I’d be happy to mail you (for you to keep or pass on) some grief books dealing with the loss of a loved one.


  7. Al will soon be back and then with your rest you are again stronger to help him. Look after yourself now as you have the time, he will also appreciate that. ALways on my mind Terry and in my prayers! Hugs! xxx


    • Hello Ute. I want your happy attitude. I want the sadness swept out from the house. I want everything to go back and yet I can’t. Rest is what I need because I know Al and I will open yet a brand new chapter to this book we are living. Thanks my friend


  8. Terry, even if you are worried … and feeling alone, I think it’s good that Al gets away for a couple of days – he knows you love him – but he needs a break too. We don’t know what is going on in Al’s head. He can cry for so many reasons … and I undertand that you miss him a lot.


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