canoeI can see myself in this picture. The sleek water, guiding me through virgin territory. Any where I look will be a new experience for my eyes. Cocooned in my little space of the world, breathing in crisp air, my lungs expand, spitting out debris that has been clogging my soul.

I need to feel alive. I wish  to be taken high above the trees. I want to look down on the world’s problems and with one thought, all will be healed. Life is too heavy. I have carried within me all of your problems. I am now ready to toss the cloak aside. Feel the skin tingle, as new cell growth takes over the stale mulch.

I lift my arms to the heavens and yell loud enough; my pleas echo across the lands. Ears will tune in but see nothing. Minds will mimic another soul that was once lost and now is found.

Cheers will go up around the world as another heart is freed. I will stand up and with God‘s balanced  hands I will praise his name for giving me the difficult tasks  I have performed. I will see his smile and his eyes will reflect in my soul of how he is pleased with me.

Oh that I might toss aside these grungy clothes, and stand naked in front of this earth and be made new once again. To take my experiences, my memories and sift through them. Picking out the best, leaning over the side I will vomit  the worst and I promise I will live once again.

And I will place myself in a fetal position and you will hold me next to your  bosom. I shall drink new life. My skin will turn supple, my eyes will sparkle. My sponge will expand, allowing me to learn more of this wonderous life you have offered to me.

Oh but I was a wilted flower leaning from a firm root, but now my petals are to be envied as they give off rich color and a perfume that will force you to always remember me.

Yes, life is good, but before I could see it clearly, I had to be cleansed.


11 thoughts on “Cleansed

  1. Casting ones mind into the world of fantasy.
    Drifting on the wind, floating high.
    The clouds engulf and wipe the dirt from your skin.
    The droplets of rain then wash and cleanse the soul.
    When you slowly fall to the earth, you find yourself once again whole. ..
    take care my friend. love your posts they inspire…


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