Stranger Outside

I stepped outside and got in my car. I looked over to see Al but he wasn’t there. No one in the backseat. It was just me. I turned my radio on the oldies and decided to crank it up a little.

Everything felt odd, strange. Here I was outside my home all alone. I decided to go to Wal-Mart and look around. I got a few things there, nothing special for me. Halloween candy some shampoo for Al and his pop.

I then went to TJ Maxx and bought some room freshener called Baked Apple Pie and a new Yankee candle. It smells musky and woody. I like that. I looked at purses but didn’t want to spend the big dollars. Just as I was getting ready to leave that department, I spotted a clearance shelf and was able to pick one up there. Nothing fabulous or name brand, but roomy and winter colors.

I left there and stopped at Taco Bell. I parked and even went inside to eat instead of staying in my car. There were a lot of teens in there. I was the only oldie there. I just watched out the window and observed all the traffic going down the highway.

After that I left to come home. I stopped at different places I could safely stop and took some photographs. Alastair said it would be good for me to get my camera out again, so I did.

I came home. I actually had sort of a nice time. I didn’t have to look at my time. I didn’t have to let my mind race in order to get everything I need to get. This must be what vacations are like. Nice, slow and easy-going. Good thing Al is coming home in a few days, I could almost get used to this.

Here are my photos.

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34 thoughts on “Stranger Outside

      • Terry, in my efforts to view these tech problems as God allowing them for his reasons, it works on my attitude about them! As frustrating as it has been, the Dell agents have been so helpful and I have learned a great deal I didn’t know before.


  1. I am glad you listened to Alistair – the pictures are wonderful. One of the hardest things to do is to go back to our daily lives. It sounded like a bitter sweet day – God bless you ~


  2. Enjoy the respite…Take it when you can and try to make the most of it…and it IS a vacation. Treat yourself to something that you enjoy but cannot do while you’re caregiving. You might want to consider arranging a time maybe once a week with one of your family members to spend just a few hours with Al, if they are comfortable with each other.


  3. So glad to read this post … that you had a great day, because yesterday … you was crying – even if you miss Al a lot there .. is things you such spoil yourself with – love your photos and I love the day you had – it makes me so happy to read that you could get use to .. time for yourself.


      • I understand, I can be the same myself … sometimes I have to force myself out – wish I had a dog .. that meant I had to be out and about 3 times per day, but I can’t so long as I travel as I do.
        You take so much better photos now .. so just click and click and click .. and get fresh air on the same time.


      • I could not handle a dog right now. Al is enough. The only way I would consider it is if I could somehow afford a llasho-apso. I have wanted one of those for years


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