maxineI must be feeling better today. I woke up and did not cry.

Instead I looked at the cramped conditions in my living room.

I have shifted and shifted in order to get Al‘s wheelchair to fit properly to the kitchen table.

Today I had had it. Everything looked cramped. No matter where I turned I felt stress.

Stress is the last thing I need in this  house. I have enough of it without inviting more in. So, I got to work. I am not done yet. I had to take a break from where I have moved big a big roll top desk and my furniture.

I have more space but now I found dirt hiding behind where the furniture set. Now this leads to more cleaning. I have also cleaned the living room walls as good as I could. I have cleaned ceiling lights and fan blades.

I smoke in the house so every six months I have to at least clean well the living room. I hurt a little in my arms, feet and neck from pushing and shoving but Advil should kick that out. When Al comes home he may or not notice anything, but I do. I smell Pine-Sol fresh.

Back to work, see you soon, if I am not eaten up by dust bunnies.

24 thoughts on “Cramped

    • You made me smile. I am pretty much a neat freak and worry about the dust bunnies hiding under and behind the furniture. If we lived close, of course I would come help you my friend


    • Do you live with someone? I have done that, it isn’t easy once you have been on your own, but with the economy the way it is, many are moving back in with family and friends. it is hard to make it in today’s world. the economy is so out of balance. I just make it and barely


  1. Monday is my cleaning day, but since I would need help to move big stuff it’s just cleaning.but I do have a problem with sorting all the drawers and cupboards out, they get sorted and emptied to be filled again ug! 🐰 could nt find a dust bunnies will this one do?


    • hahaha, I still move the biggies, but only because I have no one else to help me. My bedroom is the only one who remains the same. The furniture is way too heavy. I can only imagine what it looks like under my bed where the cat lays so much. Talk about dust bunnies, or would these be called hair ball bunnies????


  2. I hate cleaning .. only when it’s necessary … I think if I had been smoking it had been a different matter. Good for you – and I can image that you are scattered now. I will be cleaning windows next week – and I hate that too, think of go for a window cleaner. It’s only to get started, when I’m on the go nothing can stop me.
    Feet up now .. homework is a punishment.


    • I only clean windows on the inside. I enjoy doing that. The outside I make my son use the pressure washer and clean them all. LOL. Once I get cleaning there is no stopping me until I drop from sore feet! or done!


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  4. when i was more physically able to do cleaning i loved it. it gave me a sense of accomplishment. even now i try to clean a shelf or flat surface. we tend to let things go and use our energy for other things that are more enjoyable.

    at least you won’t have to feed those bunnies:)

    do take care and not overdo! sending warm hugs and love to you


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