Daily Prompt; Pep Rally

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We all know someone who could use a pep talk… so write them one!

Photographers, artists, poets: show us CHEER.

I Promise To Try Harder

Al when he was little

I promise to try harder

To not feel bad

To be more positive

To not cut myself down

To smile more often

I promise to try harder

To accept what is happening

To reach for each moment

To treasure each gift

To not think ahead

I promise to try harder

To be more understanding

To carry more patience

To comfort your tears

To listen to your words

I promise to be the

Best darn sister you

Could ever wish for

On our trip walking

Through M.S.A.


6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; Pep Rally

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  2. I too know only too well how this can effect those closest. My husband Barry has had this terrible disease now since 2004. He can no longer feed himself and has a considerable amount of pain in his legs and hands. Within a week in May he lost the use of his hands and now requiring feeding for all his meals (among now many other things) Prior to this he could still ring or txt anyone, not any more. Controls for the TV (what man does not have control over the TV CONTROLS, not any more for Barry. Yes its a terrible debilitating disease and whats worse is that for most of the time their brains are fully intact, although I do have times where I wonder where his mind his wondering too, but not too many. The Responsibility is huge, the loss of a life well lived for US, the financial stress & burden, learning to be the nurse/carer in a degree that you had never thought of. It is CONSTANT especially when they become 24/7 care. And yes there are still times that people come in the door and say OH MY GOSH, he looks great, if only they had stayed 24hrs those very people wld see a different story, but the drugs have an impact as well. Currently Barry is on 30 tablets a day and yes they too need to be administered. Us carers just gota try keep smiling. I have a poster on my kitchen wall it reads
    ‘No matter how you feel,
    Get up, dress up, show up,
    and never give up”
    I have to read this to myself EVERYDAY


    • I love what you have posted. Some days we both wonder how will we do it? How can we watch one more minute? We do it because we love totally with our hearts. We feel with compassion, and we go on because God gives us strength. I am here for you my friend, I am here.


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