Oh How Thy Soul Doeth Weep


Oh How Thy Soul Doeth Weep

Oh life of many branches

My base is weak

And my bark is scarred

See me swaying

Back and forth

Stretching my limbs

Out to you for in hope

My task for the day

Will not go unbroken

To feel my strength

Fall swiftly to the ground

And as I look down

Through falling tears of leaves

I see blackened twigs

That were once so strong

A part of my whole

Crumbling in front of me

Oh hear me my mighty

Fortress, don’t shame me

This way let me do what

I am put here to do

Let me shine and provide

Shade and comfort

To the ones who

Come near me

Let the gentle rains

Seep into my thirsty soul

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


grey trees

14 thoughts on “Oh How Thy Soul Doeth Weep

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  2. wisdom comes from the strangest of places, and i guess we are all trees of a kind, and as with growing, we have to hurt sometimes, but i guess it’s the story of the cross, not all pain is S/M as they say, it’s nourishment just don’t overdose as they say, happy days, i just woke up and found a supply of coffee to last many lifetimes


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