Being Waited On Hand & Foot

Christmas tree 2013I have been gone most of the day. Al went to Day Program and I had to go to the doctor because last week I was outside helping with leaves and it gave me the start of an infection.

I had a little trouble getting my prescription although I get this infection every fall and spring as long as I live in Indiana. The doctor didn’t want to fork over the script because I wasn’t bad enough yet.

I explained about Al and how I could not afford to be down one day and didn’t want to wait until it got bad. Finally he gave in. I had to go to the Pharmacy and pay my monthly bill and fill the new script. I then had to stop at the camera shop as I needed a piece I didn’t have. I then definitely had to go to the grocery store as I can’t get out on weekends when Al is home.

So by the time I got home and put all the groceries a way I had a half an hour before Al was to arrive. This day went fast but yet I had that time frame for thirty minutes to do as I wished.

I was so shocked and very pleased that two ladies from M.S.A. web site, who I am honored to call my friends. Connie and Bonnie had both left me messages on Facebook and Connie even called me. They were worried about me as I hadn’t posted all day.

I didn’t mean to worry them but to be very honest except for my daughter and my best friend no one questions my where-a-bouts or calls to see if I am alright; so I was pleased as punch.

After I spoke to Connie I played around with my camera. I took a photo of our tree and then doctored it on a photo program. So here it is, my play-time project.

When Al got off the bus he didn’t want supper. I am starting to get used to those words. He wanted to nap. I imagine he was tired. He didn’t seem like he had a good time at his party but I am thinking he was just too tired to talk about it.

I changed him and put him in bed. When he gets up I will offer him supper in bed, served like a King. I will not work so hard to transfer him from bed to recliner and back any longer. I hurt my neck and back muscles because he is just too weak to help.

I think he will be alright with it. He was in bed all day yesterday after breakfast. I got him up and fed him and washed him up and then put him back in his bed. I just made sure I turned him every two hours and sat him up off and on. He got waited on hand and foot. You know, I could handle that myself for a day, being waited on hand and foot.

18 thoughts on “Being Waited On Hand & Foot

  1. Terry you deserve to be waited on for a change:) I know you have to take care of Al and as much as it pains you maybe his going to day program should be done as it sounds like he is just to weak. God bless you both.


  2. Poor Terry, my back aches just now, because mostly I have been standing up all day collating, folding. Stapling the latest issue of the church magazine, I don’t know how it would feel if I had the heavy, and heart aching work you have. But you will are blessed for it I a. Sure. You are a true Christian soldier, a faithful loving sister. I pray you get so d peaceful nights of sleep and rest. God Bless.


      • Haha I’m a silly sod. I was looking for it at the bottom. Before I read the post I thought it looked like it had a black hole or vortex in the top right. I was also looking for a wooden tree – a growy one hehe. Don’t mind me, it’s late. Or early, depending how you look at quarter past tomorrow lol


      • I laughed out loud because I am not the only one who does silly things!!! LOL, but glad you found it! I got a new camera. It is nothing like yours but it is pretty nice in my eyes. It can change lens and is much more powerful. I took that photo with it


  3. I can imagine how hard it is to lift Al without his help. You are one wonderufl sister, to him, and believe me he does know, what you do for him! Be careful and I hope your infectionclears also. Take care of yourself too!


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