Daily Prompt; About Page of the Future

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Write the About page for your blog in 10 years.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us FUTURE.

Oh boy this will be fun. A chance to let my hair down and dream a way. Besides, who knows? In ten years this dream or part of it could come true.

About Page For Terry1954.wordpress.com

I have been blogging for twelve years. In this time frame I have learned about myself. I have healed so many problems that I carried for ever. I cared for my brother for several years.

While he is now in heaven, I have no doubt that he is saving a spot for me right beside him just like he promised. When I look to the heavens I can feel his smile as he is running and playing with absolutely no more pain.

It took me  quite a while to adjust to not having him around. I filled my hours with writing even more. I reached out and tried new avenues adding a variety of thoughts to my posts.

I became much more friendly with my camera and built my own web page filled with all the wonder that I saw.

During the time of these past several years, I published the one book I had started way back. I have another almost ready for publication. It is a book of all my poetry.

I published on Amazon and was amazed at how quickly my book took off. Oh believe me I never became wealthy over it, but I was asked to speak at a few places about how my book came about.

I moved from the icy, snowy weather of Indiana. I am now living a little further south where the sun shines warmer, making my personality shine brighter. During a quick visit to a local restaurant I must have spotted the eye of  a handsome man.

When I got ready to get in my car I noticed a sticky note attached to my windshield. It offered his phone number and told me what car he drove. It even said he was waiting for me outside his own car.

That sticky note brought the man who I had hoped and dreamed of for so long together. We have just celebrated our fist anniversary of marriage. He is just perfect for me. He doesn’t crowd me. He allows me to be myself and he doesn’t expect me to entertain him every second he is home. We love each other, we do our own thing, and at the end of the day we come together and talk about what we did. I am so  happy.

So in ten years life did work out, just as God knew it would. I worried too much about everything. He had it all worked out. Now if you want to follow along and see what else life brings my way, just click on the follow button. Thanks for taking the time to stop and read my About page. Hugs.




20 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; About Page of the Future

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  3. we can turn back time, God Most High is mercy unlimited, it’s human beings who need to help each other, God is waiting for us to make the difference, it’s that simple, happy days, it’s not doom, it’s in everyones hands to improve things


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  8. DO you realise how much of this you have already Terry? Book published. Photographing. Moving. The one part we all knew was coming. Who knows, maybe that dream man is in the area you are moving to and you may have the post it note sooner than you think 🙂


    • That would be awesome Al. I have learned though that if he doesn’t come I will be alright too. I have made some of my dreams come true, and I am a little excited to see what my future holds. A great comment, a boost of words. You are the best ever!! hugs dear friend


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