Friends I Spoke With This Morning

I wake up this morning and it is quiet. Rhino the cat slept on the couch so Al and I had our beds to ourselves. I do the usual, splash my face with cold water, brush my teeth and smell the coffee brewing.

Grabbing myself the first cup I hear nothing from Al’s room. I flip on the computer and open the world.

I feel like I am so blessed and pretty fortunate. When Al is home, so am I. There is no communication with anyone unless I get a text, phone call or visitor. Once I open up my email, FB and WP, all my friends have already said hello or made some nice comment to me. I am suddenly in my  house robe, drinking my coffee, in the silence of my home and yet surrounded by wonderful friends.

I want to say thank-you for being here with me and for me. I want to let you know that you are the second reason I smile; the first is that I am given another chance to open my eyes again.

Some people who are here when I turn my computer on are;

Alastair Forbes


Bonnie Llewellyn

Lezlie Sherman

Pam Bower

Carol Aitken

Alyson Sheldrake

The Laughing Houswife

Carol Dutcher

Ute Smile

Bob Mielke

Donald Hiatt

Dawn Koenig

Playing the hand that was dealt

Pink Woods

Carrie Tamburro

Sarah Grobner

Sandra Palmieri

Dayna Bauer

Patty Taylor

Michael Penn

Connie Hannes

I may have missed someone, don’t be hurt if I did. After all it is morning and I have only had one cup of coffee so far.

Like I said friends, these are the friends who I have been privileged enough to speak to already today. I am not bragging, I am proud.


20 thoughts on “Friends I Spoke With This Morning

  1. My dear Terry, you are always there when I wake up in the morning nad I would love to share my first cup of tea with you, bu tI think you are in dreamland still, I don’t know the timezones reallly. You are in my prayers in hte evening present and straight in the morning, you are very dear to me Terry! Love you!


  2. i have found the friends here online to be some of the best friends i have ever had. they are so supportive and caring! since i can’t get out much anymore these friendships have become a real life line. you have been a good friend to me and i hope i have to you. thanks for reminding us all what a blessing this is.


    • I am the same as you. Al is only gone two days, four hours each, other wise I am home. My lifeline is my online friends and writing. You are an excellent friend to me. You are warm and real and the kind of person anyone would be honored to call a friend. Hugs my dear friend


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