Our Son


Our Son

Leaving Mom and Dad

Going from child to man

A calling he heard

Then a verbal word

He had a very important task to do

He got on the bus, he’s waving too

With Mom  tears streaming from both eyes

Even Dad and sis were saying goodbyes

Their son, her brother was on his way

This was so very important a day

In God they had no choice but trust

That he would be coming back on that bus

And now he is completely out of sight

We love our son with all our might

I know he will do his very best

He will give it all each and every test

And although he may be called to front line

I pray dear Lord keep him safe and let him shine

For we will be hoping to see him one day

Our son who chose the military way.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd




4 thoughts on “Our Son

    • I remember crying my eyes out when my husband to be left the same way. The years fly be don’t they? In my mind I am still in my twenties but my real age says different!


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