Tremor Day

old man winter_4c5c07704689fIt has been an interesting day and yet I have remained calm. Starting with last evening the lady did show up to help. I didn’t get any time to myself but I was not surprised as I was teaching her.

I think she was a bit nervous on making sure she wasn’t hurting Al and doing everything right. Hopefully with each time she visits it will get easier for her.

We had a white ground today but no snow on the roads. Old Man Winter is going to make sure we don’t ever forget him. Al and I have watched today as spitting snow is blowing around. It seems odd that we see the snow and yet the leaf truck is out picking up leaves.

Because I can’t get out anymore enough to work in the yard, all my leaves are laying there with snow on top. I hate it. I like the  ground to be able to breathe and for it to be clean but not this year.

Today Al woke up in a good mood but as the morning progress so did his M.S.A. Right before lunch his sweating came alive. Poor guy is laying in his bed totally uncovered in his brief only with two fans running on him. I feel like I need to wear my winter coat when I go in to visit him.

He ate all his breakfast and all of his lunch. Right after lunch he started complaining of tingling running down his one arm. Now we have had issues for about two weeks with his one arm. He can’t seem to move it without my help.

He will wake me up through the night to have me come in and move it. Today is the first he has said it is tingling. I can’t decide if he is having a stroke or if the M.S.A connections just aren’t working making it tingle.

I listened to his heart and it was racing due to his tremors I believe. I managed to get the tremors to slow down as I massaged his hands. The heart rate slowed down and then it scared me a tiny bit as it slowed down so much I could barely hear it.

He finally drifted off to sleep for only about ten minutes then his tremors woke him up. I just came from in there and there is nothing I can do to get them to stop. It is crazy, a complete wire loss connection from the brain to the limbs.

I made some home-made chicken noodle soup for our supper. I also made some pudding. Pretty easy, the hardest part was waiting for the chicken to cook. After doing laundry and putting it a way, I am going to go lay on the couch and put my feet up.

I sure hope the new gal can do more work tonight than me.

44 thoughts on “Tremor Day

    • thanks Mona. She is doing better tonight. I am sure she is more at ease. It feels nice to not have to be in there for two hours taking care of him. Instead, I am on the computer!!!


  1. Terry, I have been worried about you … and Al. Haven’t had any smoke signals from you for a very long time. I understand that you have a very hard every day – and sometimes is harder to show another person than do it self.
    Strange that Al has been eating so well and still not feel that good, but it’s a good sign that he eat.
    My thoughts has been with you nearly every day. Not able to sit at all for the moment, that’s why I haven’t been that active.


    • I have been concerned for you. I haven’t seen you in so long. I was thinking it was your sitting problem. I am thrilled that I have now talked to you. I don’t want anything to ever happen to you and if it ever does, how in the world would I ever know? You mean so much to me


      • Thanks, Terry … I was worried because I haven’t seen you around in my world. You mean a lot to me too.
        Monday I fly to Ireland … my sorry ass and I. *smile
        Take care, girlfriend.


      • well have a safe and wonderful trip. To be quite honest, I have to hunt for your posts. I have worked and worked on getting them in my email box, but it never worked. I hunt them down on Facebook! O it feels good to talk to you again


  2. Terry, sorry to hear Al is having tremors so badly again. Hope you get to rest tonight, so is the lady coming only in the evening to help you?
    As for your leaves being in the yard, if you have a mower you can mow them up into a circle or rows then run over them back and forth to mulch them up (hint for next year) then as the snow sets on them it breaks them down quicker which provides compost for the grass. We quit bagging years ago after reading this in Mother Earth News. Sure hope both you and Al get some rest tonight, my prayers for you both.


  3. Glad you have help. Good she’s that she’s nervous. It means she cares. Sorry you didn’t get to pick up leaves. thank you on the snow. It was 91 today. Seriously, I think autumn skipped us completely. I had a wonderful walk this morning and had an early afternoon walk but I was slowed down by my feet hurting. Guess my morning walks need to be longer.


    • I used to walk all the time when I lived in Florida or I swam. Now I am too busy to do anything, but when Al is no longer here I hope to move to KY where my daughter lives. I hate cold and snow


      • I just don’t want to stay here after he is gone. memories of my deceased parents every where I see. a broken marriage, snow, cold, just the whole city sad for me. where I lived in Fl. I was still swimming at Thanksgiving!


  4. One of the things that must sometimes get to you and Al is the way things can change at the drop of a hat with no warning. I feel so much for you both having to deal with that, alongside the MSA. You handle this nightmare with so much grace, and Al is such a brave man. Hugs to you both.


    • Hi Becky, I feel a little bad today. I am tired, so tired and have laid on the couch except for when I have to take care of Al. I got upset because he didn’t let me know until it was so bad that his tremors had suddenly gotten very fast. That is how fast things can change. Less than a half an hour ago he was calm. I sort of scolded him for not letting me know until they were wild and then I felt bad because he is probably used to them so doesn’t say anything


      • Well, now that you mention it, that does make sense. I guess being uncomfortable can get to be the norm so much that it stops occurring to a person to say anything. These tremor episodes are either a total source of dread for Al or else he’s beginning find ways to cope with them a little. I can only imagine how exhausted and tired and drained you must get sometimes, and it’s nobody’s fault, but that doesn’t make it a less draining situation for you, physically and emotionally. I have high hopes that the helper will give you some respite from the physical demands so that you can be there more for Al emotionally like you would like to be. My prayers continue to go out to you and Al — hugs to you both!


      • I do think Al gets used to discomfort, and complains as it reaches new heights. Tonight he has a cough, so I hope he isn’t coming down with something. So far the helper has been here four days and she seems so scared. I don’t know why yet, but I do know she is weak as she struggles to help me turn Al over. So hoping things get better


  5. I know you have had some difficult days but I am always encouraged by reading of your unwavering belief in better days to come. You show gratitude for the small blessings and that is inspiring. Hang in there, Terry! And may you and Am both be blessed with some easier days ahead.


    • What a wonderful thing to say to me for two reasons. One it is almost bedtime and your comment makes me smile. Two, I have been grouchy all day. Thank you so very much SMC


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