Peace On Earth

Will you give thanks on Thanksgiving? Do you give thanks any other day of the year? What about Christmas? Is your spirit heightened? Do you lose it after the holiday when the tree comes down and reality is back with us once again?

I find it sadly amazing and yet  I am smiling when I see the great kindness that is shared between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The elderly are suddenly thought of and a visit is made. A gift of home-made cookies or a beautiful card.

Shut-ins have more visitors in this time frame than an entire year put together. Friends contacting friends. Families who haven’t spoken suddenly appear and we are amazed at the changes we see.

So many programs are burst open and children who may never see a complete meal now have an opportunity to go to bed at night with a full tummy. The people living in boxes under the bridge are offered a warm room and a hot meal.

There are so many programs that are in full force that no child has to get up Christmas morning without one gift to open. Monies being collected to help put a coat on a shivering body, gloves on their hands.

Food shelters take in more food at this time of year than any other. We look at life different at the holidays than any other time. Those that participate get more joy from the gifts they give than receiving anything else.

Than you wander into the midst of the stores during the hype of the season and that calm demeanor is stripped from us but only temporarily. Finding gifts that are in the right price range that look like they are worthy of spending our hard-earned money is a challenge in itself.

I am always amazed at the prices that slowly start to rise and then go through the roof once the time comes for holiday lay-a-ways. It darn near makes it impossible to go shopping and keep that healthy smile on our face.

Shoving adults, kids running through the stores. Finding assistance through store employees is scarce. Christmas music bellowing in our ears trying to make us spend more money than we have. Easy open charge cards guaranteed to charge no interest until 90 days after the holidays.

I used to go to Black Friday but the madhouse took the fun out of it. It is like roller derby skaters without wheels. I have never seen adults act more like greedy  children than on Black Friday.

Now I can’t sit here and say that if you want some fantastic U-tube videos or free entertainment, and, you don’t have anything special to purchase; going to view these midnight shoppers can be quite fun.

For me, I would rather go to the regular sales. For this year I don’t know for sure how I am going to get any shopping done. Maybe online, maybe less expensive gifts. The chances of me getting to go to the big mall is pretty much out of the question.

For this year I have two goals. I would like to take Al out on a drive to see Christmas lights, but it will depend on his health and the weather. For two I hope that Christmas in our house brings nothing less than good memories to think about in the cold days of January.

My prayer is that we take a few of those dollars and help keep the food pantries filled. We make the effort to smile at least five times per day, each day to strangers and friends. We buy one extra can of food and drop it in the food box. We stop in for a moment of a loved neighbor or make a call to a family member other than at holiday time.

That we try hard to take those clothes we don’t like anymore or have grown out of and put them in a Goodwill box, instead of the trash.

How much better would our world be if we kept a little bit of the holiday spirit all year-long? Think about it.

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30 thoughts on “Peace On Earth

  1. Tis the season…
    It’s nice to try to keep the spirit throughout the year. But – sometimes it gets a little hectic. But – I really do try.
    Hope the weather cooperates & Al is feeling well so you can catch the Christmas lights this year.
    That would be nice 🙂


    • I am the first to admit it is very hectic and very hard to not be upbeat all the time. It is a difficult time of year and by the time New Year’s Day is here I do nothing but crash


  2. I try to give thanks throughout the year, on the holidays…for sure, but more than just that. I have so much to be thankful for all year round. ❤


  3. I am truly blessed and give thanks everyday, it is more about being allowed to live in a mindset than the words. I also think I can be truly grateful even when tired or crying, that is just how life shows itself. Thankfulness is about knowing that we live in a world of grace, where everything is given to us, for us to enjoy and for us to, Solveig


  4. Dear Terry,
    Although you are right in your post, I have always tried to treat every day like Christmas. I have love the holidays since “forever”. There were no trees or gifts when I was growing up, my mother did not “believe” in Christmas. I promised myself when I had my own home it would be different. It is very hard to treat every day like Christmas, I have fallen off my own “horse of kindness” many times, busy, forgetful, but I get right back on. Of course as I get older it is easier. I will be going away for a couple of weeks so this is my chance to wish you and Al blessed holiday thoughts, you are a great person and God shines on you daily. Happy Holidays, Ann


  5. Beautifully stated – it is a goal I made to myself a few years ago to keep the spirit of Thanksgiving and Christmas with me all year long.


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