I Am So Honored, A Nomination For Being A Caregiver

A company called Wego Health has just informed me I have been nominated for an award for best of show.  I didn’t know much about it so I read more information.

Evidently this company reads my blogs and they feel that I am an advocate for patient care. They think I do a good job in caring for my brother. I don’t know what if anything happens from here. Even if nothing, I am quite humbled and honored to be nominated period.

I just wanted to share what I found out. I am so proud that M.S.A. is getting noticed by my blogging.

WEGO Health

WEGO Health


A different kind of social network built to support health bloggers, tweeters, & community leaders – Health Activists who help others.

Boston, MA · bit.ly/wegohealth

32 thoughts on “I Am So Honored, A Nomination For Being A Caregiver

  1. Congrats. You deserve it! You’re doing a great job with Al and you’re so sensitive and inspiring in the way you’re telling us your every day stories…Thank you.


  2. That’s wonderful Terry! From the short time that I’ve been following your blog I can definitely see that you deserve to be recognized for what you do & for being you.
    God bless you & God bless Al.


  3. congratulations! you deserve recognition for all you are doing to care for al and to share with other’s valuable information. i am glad to know that caretakers are being recognized for their untiring commitment to their loved ones.


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